2019 Student Art and Writing


May 30, 2019

Emma Isaacson

Cool Glass of Lemonade

By MackKenzy Dryden

Sweet refreshing drink

Tall clear glass, ice floats on top

Tipped onto the ground

Forest Fires

by Arik Miller

Forest fires swell

Taking all the life in its-

path ashes rising

Soldiers and Trenches

by Tydus Woodfin

The soldiers arrived at the trench

Reticent French soldiers entered the depressing trench

The weary soldiers show up at the gruesome trench

The dark, weary trench was inhabitated by nervous soldiers

Young and fresh soldiers were dumped at the ill trench

The unquenched soldiers arrived at the drenched trench

The miserable trench was occupied by clenched soldiers

Gloomy trenches on both sides of the battlefield housed new and sick soldiers

Fatigued soldiers arrived at the trenches only to see diseased bodies

being consumed by shrill shrieking rats

Better trained and experienced soldiers were sent and stationed at

the trench

As the bored soldiers appeared, they noticed the awful and dreadful stench

of the trench

Reporting soldiers were horrified as they came up to the sickly trench

British and French soldiers alike remained at the pallid and awful


German forces marched noisily to the overburdened trench

I Used to...But Now

By Sally Chapell

I used to run a potion shop in my tree house

Love potions made of pine cones and ferns

Mixed up in a broken waffle machine

But now, no more customers visit

The sign gathers dust

Ingredients on broken chairs

I used to have free time after school

When my imagination could grow and prosper

Games to makeup and books to read

But now I have sports and homework

A strict schedule to adhere to

Deadlines don't wait for anybody

I used to wear color coordinated outfits

Pink Fancy Nancy sunglasses

Shimmering skirts, one on top of the other

Bubbly personality overflowing into clothing

But now my color palette is dark neutral tones

A more sophisticated and refined version

But one can be refined and happy?

Nature’s call

by Grace Long Godinez

Breeze moves around shape

The wind blows like a whisper



by Alison Benda

Nature and Time

A gorgeous flower

Preparing to gently bloom

As time passes by

Sad Life

Beautiful little leaf

Lying down...waiting, too frail

Nothing lies ahead


A small fragile chick

Waiting patiently for its mom

Pecking everywhere


by Malia Jorgenson-Geise

Gently fireflies fly

This way, that way, one way, gone

Firefly fly away

Aye-Aye think Maggot Yummy

by Kayden Beck

The scrawny Aye Aye with its potatoe chip ears

Across the dense forest miles and miles away he listens closely..

He hears a small maggot in the hollow tree

The Aye Aye jumps from tree to tree, wrapping his spagget fingers around

the broccoli trees

The creature moves laudanum quiet through the jungle.

The Aye Aye reaches the tree and starts aggressively slapping it with its

paprika claws

His silky queen-of-the-night tulip fur glistens in the moonlight

He pokes through the outer layer of the rock tree and starts searching for

the pebble-sized lil' beast

He finds the small lil maggot and starts stabbing it with his ice axe claws

He pulls out the fester disgusting maggot and starts munching on it,

To him it tastes like heaven but everyone else thinks

It's as bad as a rock


By Matilda Rogers

Brilliant beautiful Anne sitting politely

Like a queen upon her throne

Busy little me making Earl Grey tea

Pouring milk, adding sugar

China cups clinking gently

Like early morning wind chimes

Soft lips talking prosperous futures

Planning, hoping, dreaming

Poised compassionate Gran speaking sweetly

Wonderfully memories shine

Fantastically thoughts remind

Teary me remembering lovely Anne

CC Elliott


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