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Correction: Even more studies show ill effects


January 17, 2019

Last week you published my entry having to do with damaging levels of wireless radiation in our towns. I received push back regarding my statement that there are “over 25,000 studies” that confirm WiFi, cell towers, and iPhones perniciously affect biological tissue. People in our community cannot believe there could possibly be that many studies suggesting that fact. Thus a correction is in order. I was wrong. There are now close to 30,000 studies since I had last checked. Here are some links: ; and .

I suggest parents push for our schools to hardwire computers in classrooms instead of spraying 2.4 gigahertz all over the kids and teachers. In the lab, it takes mere weeks to induce diabetes in a rat. How do they do it? Expose them to 2.4 gigs. Sterility and blood brain barrier damage are inevitable. In Russia and France, WiFi is illegal in public schools. Cancer, along with a catalog of other health woes spring up if you live within 1,300 feet of cell towers. These tall, freaky eyesores are becoming symbols of death. Homeowners are having difficulty selling property in close proximity to these towers as they become more weaponized. We, the people of Haines, are taking note.

Steve Kroschel


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