Upper valley election results counted


November 15, 2018

Election results from the upper valley are in after a technological mishap prevented the votes from being counted last Tuesday.

The governor’s race was nearly an even split; 57 highway voters voted for Mike Dunleavy while 56 voted for Mark Begich.

Similar to town voters, highway residents favored Alyse Galvin for U.S. representative over incumbent Don Young. Sixty-three highway voters chose Galvin while 54 chose Young.

Voters were again split for the state senate seat where 57 highway voters chose Don Etheridge while 55 voters chose Jesse Kiehl. Kiehl won by a wider margin in town.

For state representative, highway voters preferred Chris Dimond over Sara Hannon by two votes. Town voters preferred Dimond over Hannan as well.

The ratio of highway voters compared to town voters who opposed ballot measure one, Stand for Salmon, was nearly identical. Sixty-eight highway residents opposed the measure while 48 supported it.

Statewide, Dunleavy was elected governor. Young was reelected to his house seat. Kiehl was elected to the state senate seat and Hannan was elected to House District 33. Stand for Salmon also failed statewide.

The technical error was the result of Ender card malfunction. The card is printed with a code that, when fed through the voting machine, allows it to print out the results. Haines Highway precinct election official Carol Duis mailed the election machine to Juneau Wednesday morning.


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