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Beaver Rescue


May 10, 2018

In April, Tod Sebens rescued a beaver that spent a little too much time in the small boat harbor's salt water. Sebens noticed the beaver make multiple appearances over several weeks. "It was starting to act somewhat lethargic and pretty unresponsive when I would approach," Sebens said. "I decided to capture it and transport it to Chilkoot Lake." Mike Ward and Henry Pollan helped Sebens capture the beaver using a length of PVC pipe with a rope slipped through to snag the animal. The were able to place the beaver into a container and transport it to the lake. "When I released it at the lake it seemed somewhat reluctant to go into the water at first and was smelling the air quite a bit," Sebens said. "Finally it stepped into the water and drank for a good minute or so." The beaver swam away into the river. "It was unfortunately heading downstream, but hopefully it will stay in that area until the ice thawed."


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