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What have the 'greenies' produced?


May 10, 2018

Great commentary by Joe Poor. He is right on the mark with his comments. What bothers me the most about these utopian dreamers “environmentalists” is their blatant hypocrisy. They are all avid users of the products produced from this great land while leaving a trail of destruction. Locally, millions of board feet of bug-killed spruce on the upper Chilkat area. Nationally, millions of board feet of burned timber in South Central Oregon which could have been salvaged but the dreamers prevented it.

Good management by the increasingly green Forest Service probably would have prevented the fire in the first place. Many millions more board feet of Forest Service timber left to rot at Mount St. Helens while the private timber owners cleaned up all their downed timber and now have untold numbers of young and rapidly growing trees on their land. There is a stark contrast between privately managed timber lands and land supposed to be managed by the Forest Service. I was a logger for more than 40 years and am proud of the work I did and the fact of all the families supported by timber payrolls. What have the greenies produced? Nothing.

Bud Stewart


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