Rummagers and generosity filled the hall


May 10, 2018

Thank you to everyone who donated items to the Hospice Rummage Sale. We know many worked hard to collect things to donate and to filter out the less saleable items. I know there are people who are disappointed, frustrated. or even a little bit or a lot mad that we had to stop accepting donations mid-day Friday. We are so sorry we had to close the doors to donations early. There really wasn’t another choice: we already had as many items as we could sort, price and display. We will strategize and try to prevent this from happening next time.

Every year when I help with this event, I am reminded about how amazing and generous this community is. This event benefited from well over 500 hours of volunteer time from about 100 volunteers. Not everywhere would it be so easy to find volunteers to help for a few hours or a few days, at a time of year where everyone has 12 different things they need to do every moment of the day. As the volunteer recruiter, I am very thankful for everyone’s generosity. Thank you.

I hope you got some good “new” stuff at the sale and that you will be pleasantly surprised to see who is now wearing one of your sweaters or shirts or pants or old hat that you decided you didn’t need any more and donated to the sale.

Cindy Buxton


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