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Let landowners use their land


April 5, 2018

While serving on the Haines Assembly, I pushed hard for economic development and property owners’ rights. The University of Alaska timber sale will be a huge economic gain for Haines and is a ‘use by right’ within General Use zoning.

Timber harvest offers many advantages to nature, not just economics. So much of our local activities happen within previous clear-cut areas; hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking…people don’t realize the extent that the valley has ‘renewed’ itself. Much of the proposed timber sale is right out my front window; I am excited that the moose and fish habitat will improve close by as the logged areas regrow.

Adversarial relationships? There is a 1982 Consent Decree - signed by SEACC, LCC, Alaska Miners Association, National Audubon Society, Schnabel Lumber Co, Mayor of Haines and Haines Borough - setting forth a compromise that recognized the multiple interests and uses of our valley’s resources, and leading to legislation that preserved traditional uses, including logging; consider that decree, our zoning and Borough Code. Each of these allow for property owners to log or develop their land, yet our local government takes great measures, at tax payer’s expense, to prevent and hinder any such activity.

Will the view from my house change with proposed activity? Absolutely. Will it ruin my life? Nope. Every change is an opportunity. The university timber sale is an economic opportunity gifted to our community, for which I’m grateful.

George Campbell


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