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March 29, 2018

The sun shined and the wind howled as many community members gathered at the 15th annual Blessing of the Fleet at the small boat harbor Sunday. The Haines A Cappella Women’s Choir sang and many joined in congregation to bless the fishing fleet, and remember those who have been lost at sea. Klukwan Assembly of God Pastor Jami Campbell gave the invocation at the blessing. “I really appreciate being part of a community that has multi-church events,” she said. “I hope we can continue coming together for the good of the fishing and boating community.” Other leaders read scriptures and led prayer, including Jane and Wayne Cowart with the Haines Christian Center, Kevin and Serina Woods with the Salvation Army, and Crystal Badgely and Ron Horn with Haines Presbyterian Church.

New residents Austin Segars and his wife Liz are calling Haines home. Austin is the nephew of Carlos and Sierra Jimenez. “Austin’s number one goal for the last 10 years was to move to Haines and we are delighted to see his dream come true,” said Austin’s grandmother Susan Tandy. The young family has faced many health challenges over the past several years, which has delayed the move to Haines until now.

The Fogcutter Bar hosted its third annual Aaron Nash St. Patrick’s Day Pool Tournament, which also coincides with Aaron’s birthday on March 17. Thirty-two people came out for the tournament with half the proceeds donated to Aaron’s son, Noah Nash’s scholarship fund. Roger Bergstrand took the title this year and his name will be placed on a trophy plaque that Aaron’s father, Don Nash, crafted. Each new winner’s name will be placed on the plaque, which will hang on the bar’s wall. The pool league started the tournament in memory of Aaron and his love for the game.

Kit Brown’s parents, Fran and Lisa Palazzo, paid her a surprise visit on March 17. The Orofino, Idaho couple came to help take care of her five children while a babysitter was out of town. Kit originally thought her in-laws were coming, but husband Chris Brown and daughter Morgan Cloke helped plan the trip. “I was so surprised when my parents got out of the car,” Kit said.

Jess and Brent Crowe have returned from island hopping around Indonesia with their two children, Finn and Violet. Highlights include a four-day boat trip to Komodo Park where they saw Komodo dragons. They snorkeled at a pink sand beach and saw manta rays, baby sharks and cuttlefish. “We visited a Hindu temple in the jungle filled with feisty monkeys who would climb all over us looking for treats,” Jess said. The family also stayed on a tiny island with no cars, just bicycles and horse carts. Brent went spear fishing and the family swam in a sea of phosphorescence in Amed.

Josh Schaub and Kisa Bergstrand became engaged last month. The two were talking over dinner one night and they both said, “Well, I suppose we should get married!” The couple has been dating for almost five years. “Getting married just seemed like the most natural next step for us,” Kisa said.

Former Haines resident Jason Shull was named to the Gold Medal Hall of Fame this year at the tournament in Juneau. His dad, Frank Shull, and brother, John Shull, flew in from Idaho to watch him receive the prestigious honor. Jason’s son Finley also spent the week with his dad, uncle and grandpa during the tournament.

The 15th annual publication of University of Alaska Southeast’s “Tidal Echoes” features a few local artists and writers. JoAnn Ross Cunningham’s poem “What I Read Before I Could,” commemorates an elderly neighbor from her childhood she wanted to honor. Mandy Ramsey’s poems “Bouquet,” “Aspen Leaves Haiku,” and “Masseuse as a Ship” will be featured along with her photos “Salmon Heads” and “Poppies & Lupine Reach for Illumination.” Debi Knight Kennedy’s poems “Two Dads and a Mom” and “Have You Ever Been in a Bush Plane in Alaska” were recognized as well. Both are part of her upcoming book, a poetic memoir called “On My New Planet Everything Will Be Different.” Cara Jane Murray’s poem “North by Way of Dust and Grit” and papercut piece “Hand Strings/Heart Strings” will also be featured. “Tidal Echoes” is a literary and art journal that showcases the art and writing of Southeast Alaskans.

Many Haines locals joined in on the fun at the 32nd annual Buckwheat Ski Classic. “The ski event is really more an experience then a race. It was fun to see all skill levels and all age groups out enjoying the sunshine. Kudos to all the volunteers who put this event together,” said skier Liam Cassidy.


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