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Balance ecology with tourism


March 8, 2018 | View PDF

For many residents of the upper Lynn Canal there is a seminal belief that we live in a sacred landscape; a home which deserves our utmost respect. Unfortunately, there are those who want to exploit the beauty of our incredible mountain home for extreme profit.

What is the carrying capacity of our land? How much development is enough? Will we allow unbridled development of our sacred landscape until it becomes unlivable for those who reside here? Will we allow our lands to become corrupted, fractured, marginalized? Reduced to the lamentations of “I remember when this place used to be real.... what a shame....”

Why should local residents and the natural world suffer from the ruthless exploitation of a tourist baron? Ownership of private property does not give anyone the right to significantly degrade the local environment at the expense of others.

Tourism is an important source of economy for our town. There should, however, be limits established to control how many and how much impact is allowed in any given area of our borough. We must strike a balance between economy and maintaining a healthy and sustainable regional ecosystem. Mass unbridled industrial tourism will line the pockets of a few while the local populace suffers the lasting consequences.

Contact your assembly members expressing your support for establishing limits to tourism. The quality of life for the people and animals who share this sacred land for now and the future depend upon our ability to self-regulate our own invasive species.

Tom Faverty


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