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Tier 3 is terminal


September 28, 2017

I am not a glaciologist but I do know in late fall or early spring our river waters are beautiful and clear. Spring “thaw” happens and they become heavily laden with glacial “flour” and I suspect our river valley’s filled from eons of river flow. (Google “Glacial Flour”)

Glaciers move and grind through mineral deposits changing mineral content in river outflow! Thanks Mother Nature!

However, after thousands of years of glacial action, our Salmon keep coming back to their birth place. Count the number of glaciers in our valleys and remember they are still “grinding” and altering the outflow water content.

Alaska and Federal existing mining regulations are some of the toughest in the world however if developers can meet those standards their development should be allowed continue especially if our community can economically benefit in these tough times. Did you know in some cases the outflow of waters used must be cleaner than what nature provides?

Borough candidates who announced their support for Tier 3 Status need to rethink their positions and absorb facts, not extreme environmental persuasion. To represent our borough, they need to fully understand impacts of such a designation. Tier 3 will stop Haines’ only positive economic development opportunity which appears to be the goal of this designation effort.

Our whole community needs scientific facts & accurate understanding before making any decision of this magnitude which cannot be undone!

Joe Poor


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