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Don't recall unless you can prove


August 24, 2017

There is a certain element in Haines not believing in democratic process or using the government for the good of all. These folks have repeatedly sponsored recall elections that did nothing but push their selfish agenda and divide the community.

While it is easy to make accusations and insinuations, proving them and standing by them is much more difficult. The most recent recall sponsors didn’t even have the backbone to show up for a forum explaining their stand.  You really can’t blame them for that, as they would have looked rather foolish ranting incoherently while not really having much to say.

I applaud the magnanimity of the current assembly wishing to move ahead and try to get along. While this sounds good, it is neither likely and probably impossible. There are and will be hurt feelings lasting decades. That is how people work.

While state law makes it rather simple to hold a recall campaign, it is neither advisable nor necessary, except in the most egregious cases.

I propose that when the recall issue raises its ugly head again, the sponsors be held responsible for the entire cost of the election. This may give them cause to reflect on the legitimacy of their claims. If there is a truly legitimate case where recall is the only solution, a judge can decide to allow public funds be made available.

Trying to hack the government with frivolous recalls is the equivalent of a spoiled child laying down, kicking and screaming, until it gets its way. That is no way to run a community. 

Bob Andrews


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