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Talk to assembly members about problems, no on recall


August 10, 2017

Through the recall endeavor, the organizers have shown that they are not afraid to go to extreme measures to prove their point about assembly members disregarding code. One can always, always find evidence to support one’s point of view no matter what that point of view is. However, the “punishment” of this endeavor, i.e. the election going in the direction they’re seeking, is way out of proportion to the “crime.”

We are a better people with citizen watchdogs. What is not better for our community is ousting these three assembly members. They are not innocent by-standers in their actions, at the same time neither have they done anything to deserve such a punishment.

Remember when marijuana was illegal? Legal/illegal… all that’s changed is the context within which we hold this plant.

Please hold Tresham Gregg, Heather Lende and Tom Morphet in the proper context as thoughtful, hard-working, legitimately elected assembly members.

Do you have a beef with them? When was the last time you made an appointment to talk to them about your thoughts and feelings? 

Was there satisfaction or not in the conversation? We all want and need to be seen/heard/recognized.

Please vote No in the recall election. Thank you.

Evelyna Vignola


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