Recall frivolous, expensive distraction


I regret that a recall is planned. It is unfortunate that our small community cannot resolve problems by discussing our different opinions and ideas. Instead we stay in our corners, talking behind each others’ backs, and resort to a recall when we disapprove of someone’s behavior or, just plain don’t like someone.

  I heard that Tom Morphet should be recalled because he is a troublemaker. What does that mean? That Tom has brought forth new ideas which have disturbed the status quo and ruffled some feathers? That sounds like a good thing.

  Our elected officials are volunteers who accept these full-time “jobs” because they care about Haines. They learn the rules and laws while on the job, and they sometimes make mistakes. Even when I disagree with them, I respect that they are doing what they think is right for the community. I have only praise for volunteers willing to run for office.

  Haines’ greatest strength is that we have different opinions and ideas to draw from to shape our futures. Why not celebrate our differences and the strengths that derive from them? Why not recognize that there are many ways to do something? Our different viewpoints make our democracy more vibrant, our solutions more robust, our lives richer.

  Remember the last recall? It resulted in fear, mistrust, increased divisiveness, and for years, prevented volunteers from running for office. Resorting to a recall seems frivolous, in addition to expensive and distracting. Better to put energy into talking with one another.

Katey Palmer


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