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Please consider hiring manager locally


Here we go again, four of our assembly decided to fire the borough manager. Democratic government is supposed to move slow and deliberate. We have so many things that are power plays, or knee jerk reactions. Please slow down and accept that slow and thoughtful is better. If we were slow and thoughtful maybe we would have time to think about the unintended consequences. If the manager really needed firing, how about waiting at least a month. Different assembly but the same knee jerk reaction when Robert Venables was fired. Please start out by putting in code that it takes two votes, 30 days apart to fire a manager. These knee-jerk reactions cost us taxpayers a lot of money with no benefits.

Please hire local, even if the candidate is less qualified, because they will know who their bosses are and the assembly will know the manager, maybe personally, but at least by reputation. The best manager we ever had was local, less qualified on paper and one of the cheapest. Local hire is cheaper and no moving costs. Please think about the taxpayers.

I would prefer we go back to a strong mayor/borough administrator form of borough leadership. It would take a vote of the people to change leadersh.ip. I know with our present Mayor this may seem an odd time to bring this up, but in the end, the best process will give the best results.

We have way too much shooting from the hip.

Leonard Dubber


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