Offer our police department your support


I would like to state appreciation and support for the current Haines Borough police presence. Haines has a host of volunteers who give a piece of themselves to promote community life. I have volunteered on the fire department/ambulance crew, wildland firefighting, community events and other actions for others’ sake. It sure is a comfort to know the police are around for safety and coherent coordination, because life gets complicated, and things can get weird. Because of law and order, we are more willing to risk a little of our businesses, children and assets to show love and to give back a little bit. Police protection is inherently necessary because we have to deal with evil within ourselves.

Lawlessness cannot protect this community. Those with weakness or other needs are particularly vulnerable. The police department is designed to protect and serve. It needs support, not opposition or deconstruction. We can give them a smile and express thanks that they deal with the dark side of our community. We can volunteer for the police reserves. The reserves can do simple things for greater transparency, like keeping temporary watch on evidence, standing by to support, or encouraging officers when they have to wade through the wretchedness sadly within our community. Many of us rarely see this. We may not realize the value our help may be. Instead of criticizing the police department to bring change, become part of the solution.

Scott Hansen


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