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Police Report


Monday, July 18

A Second Avenue business owner reported sunflowers in front of her business had been destroyed.

A Muncaster Lane resident reported he didn’t have water service.

A Petersburg resident said he may need police assistance to “keep the peace” during an upcoming child custody transfer in Haines.

A caller reported a vehicle parked in a “No Parking” zone on Young Road. Police responded but the vehicle was gone.

A Beach Road resident reported his tap water was a “yellow-brown” color. The caller was advised that the borough was aware of the issue and was trying to solve the problem.

A caller reported he saw a man flip his canoe and swim to shore on Beach Road. Police responded and found the swimmer had fallen overboard while relieving himself. He did not need assistance.

Sunday, July 17

Dispatch received a report of a man sleeping in the caller’s vehicle parked in an Allen Road driveway. An officer responded to the scene and transported the intoxicated resident to his home off Allen Road.

The Haines Volunteer Fire Department responded to a brush fire at Chilkat State Park.

A Chilkoot Estates subdivision resident reported two people speeding through the subdivision on ATVs. Police located the drivers and issued a warning.

A person on a bike was given a warning for failure to stop at a stop sign.

A caller reported a fire on Sawmill Road, which was extinguished before fire crews responded.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Saturday, July 16

An officer served a protective order on a Haines resident.

An officer located a lock box on Third Avenue.

A person turned in a lost cell phone found at Moose Meadows.

Dispatch received multiple reports of brown water in residences throughout FAA Road and the area nearby. Water/sewer personnel said water levels in the tank were low, causing people to receive sediment in their sanitized water.

Friday, July 15

A resident reported a suspiciously parked vehicle at a Second Avenue business.

An out-of-town driver’s license belonging to “McLovin” was turned in to the police station.

Dispatch received a protective order to be served on a Haines resident.

A person turned in an iPhone found on Second Avenue.

Police responded to a report of a theft on Third Avenue.

A box containing quarters and other property was turned in to the station.

A Chilkoot Estates subdivision resident reported a woman driving an ATV through the area. An officer responded but was unable to locate the vehicle.

A person reported fireworks on Small Tracts Road. An officer responded and warned the person setting off the fireworks.

A ring-in alarm was received warning of a condition at the water treatment plant.

Thursday, July 14

A person reported a vehicle at the airport taking up multiple spaces that had been there for about a week. Dispatch contacted the responsible party who said the vehicle would be moved the next day.

An RV park guest reported a man who wasn’t staying at the park using the restroom in the park.

A family from Colorado asked police to conduct a welfare check on a person traveling to Haines. An officer contacted the subject, who was not in need of assistance.

An officer transported two juveniles to their grandparents’ residence on Allen Road.

Police responded to a 1 Mile Haines Highway RV park for a report of a verbal altercation. The parties were separated.

Wednesday, July 13

A 911 caller reported a horse loose on the Haines Highway. An officer was advised.

An anonymous caller reported “disturbing” pictures on a social media website. An officer was advised.

A camper on Lutak Road reported a vehicle pulled over and a group of people ran down the embankment. An officer was advised and responded.

Traffic stops resulted in warnings for a broken headlight, crossing the double yellow line and passing in a no passing zone.

Tuesday, July 12

A Lutak Road resident reported a moose on the beach with abrasions on its chest. Troopers were advised.

A caller reported two horses on the road near 26 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers were advised.

A person asked police to conduct a welfare check on a friend who was threatening to commit suicide. Police contacted the friend who said he wasn’t going to hurt himself and was “just blowing off steam.”

An orphan moose calf was reported wandering around near the intersection of First Avenue and Lutak Road. Troopers were advised.


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