Saddened by mayor's comments


I was saddened by Mayor Jan Hill’s recent comments at the Dec. 15 assembly meeting describing our community as “hateful and vindictive.”

It appears that the mayor’s experience of some residents exercising their right to public participation inspired her to categorically label the entire community. Whoever said doing community service would always feel good? You put yourself in the line of fire. Buck up.  

I am grateful for all that our elected officials, Mayor included, do for Haines, even though I do not always agree with their decisions. The Mayor seems to regard community participation as a bother and appears unwilling to acknowledge any participation at all in helping to create tension and distrust at times. 

  Since most people do not ever bother to go to a meeting or offer a comment on anything, I think we should be most appreciative of those who are willing to step up, offer ideas and information. And when they do so disrespectfully, you need to thank them anyway, encourage respectful communication and always treat them with respect to be good role models. 

As far as the Mayor never having seen the community so “hateful and vindictive,” reality is Haines has a long, divisive history with many nasty things having occurred between various parties.   

  However, the Haines I know is full of generous, caring, courageous, loving people and I encourage residents to kindly let our elected officials know how they feel and think about issues. 

Heidi Robichaud


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