Sosa a credit to military's managers


In nearly 40 years of working, Dave Sosa was the first supervisor I have had who treated women staff the same as men. He didn’t belittle, ignore or trivialize women staff. He didn’t compare us to his daughter, sister or wife. He didn’t prefer the company of male employees, spending his work and spare time with them. I had trepidation when told we would have a supervisor from the Marines. I expected someone comfortable with men, not with women. Instead, he was a superlative supervisor of staff. He was punctual, organized, hard-working and supportive. He expected and gave loyalty. He dealt with inter-staff conflicts swiftly and cleanly. He listened to upper-level staff equally. He had a sense of humor, and was always pleasant and polite. He believed in personal growth and worked hard to train his supervisors to be better people managers. He was present, spending time in every area of the borough instead of ignoring us and hiding behind a desk. He taught me a lot about how to be a better manager and supervisor. Because of him, borough staff work well together, with mutual respect and cooperation. Any dysfunction that was present when he came is gone now. I commend the borough assembly for hiring him and hope that they do as well with their next manager hire. Given our experience with Mr. Sosa, I would respectfully request that they look to the military again. The military obviously has done a lot of work developing superlative managers. Helen Alten


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