Winners at the 47th SE State Fair


The fair this week released names of exhibit division winners and department champions (in boldface):

Crops and Vegetables: Carol Pahl. Flowers: Alan Jones. Baked Goods: Savannah Maidy. Beer and Wine: Marlena Saupe. Preserved Food: Pep’s Packing. Crochet: Debbie Ackerman. Knitting: Kimberley Baxter. Needlework: Carol Flegel. Fiber Arts: Denise Pratschner. Quilting: Karen Brophy. Sewing: Josephine Halloway. Wearable Art: Milosz Rybinski. Two-Dimensional Art: Donna Catotti. Three-Dimensional Art: Kitty Angerman. Writing and Music: Aleah Goldin. Photography: Arlene Woodward. Woodworking: Greg Goodman. Native-Style Arts: Bob Fink. Pioneer Arts and Recycling: Evelyna Vignola. Hobbies and Crafts: Margaret Newlun. School and Youth Group Projects: Gustavus School 6th-8th grades.

Logging Show: Women’s Ax Throw: 1) Nicole Holm, 2) Rene Martin, 3) Michelle Oakley. Men’s Ax Throw: 1) Jay McClendan, 2) Jason Verhamme, 3) Dan Berk. Choker Setting/Hook Tender: 1) Nathan Piper, 2) Steven McLaughlin/Loren Tonsgard, 3) Jennifer Johnson-Taylor. Women’s Small Saw: 1) Diana Lapham, 2) Ashley Sage, 3) Jennifer Johnson-Taylor. Men’s Small Saw: 1) Sean McLaughlin, 2) Jack Smith, 3) Loren Tonsgard. Jack and Jill Handbucking: 1) Ashley Sage/James Sage, 2) Loren Tonsgard/Phyllis Sage, 3) Elaine Fowlkes/Will Fowlkes. Obstacle Bucking: 1) Nathan Piper, 2) Jordan Badger. Men’s Large Saw: 1) Loren Tonsgard, 2) Sean McLaughlin, 3) James Sage. Men’s Partner Handbucking: 1) Ashley Sage/Loren Tonsgard, 2) Dennim Hagwood/Nathan Piper. Logrolling: 1) Sean McLaughlin, 2) Dennim Hagwood, 3) Eric Telford. Bull of the Woods: Sean McLaughlin. Babe of the Woods: Ashley Sage.

Southeast’s Got Talent: Youth Winner: Matilda Rogers. Adult Winner: Jennie Humphrey.

Singer-Songwriter Contest: Burl Sheldon.

Jungle Run Adventure Race: Women’s Winner: Lizi Wirak. Men’s Winner: Riley Moser.

Haines Hustle: Half Marathon: Men, Scottie Cross, 1:27:10; Women, Sarah Elliott, 1:50:58; 10K: Men, Bryce Tyler, 46:15; Women, Sue Bogle, 45:15. 5K: Men, Jim Cleary, 24:36; Women, Emily Ferry, 27:13.

Fair Parade: Parade Grand Prize, Haines Marching Band. Best Musical Group, Chilkat Dancers. Most Humorous, “Fair Favorites” Giant Puppets. Best Float, Burfl’s Tractor Works. Best Pet, Connor McIntyre’s Kipper. Best Children’s Group, Valley of the Eagles Golf Course. Best Fair Theme, Haines Marching Band.

Most Lovable Dog: Biggest, Smokey with Rio Ross-Hirsh. Smallest, Squirt with Brenola Lindstrom. Best Dressed, Roxy with Taylor Ganey. Only a Mother Could Love, Tiney with Betty Rays. Most Lovable, Finn with Gable Sage. Look-a-Like, Roxy with Taylor Ganey. Most Obnoxious, Chrome with Mary Crann. Most Alaskan, Kali with Nancy McGrew. Best Trick, Kipper with Connor McIntyre.

Fiddle Contest: 1) Cayley Schmid, 2) Heather Parker, 3) Tom Heywood and Len Millar (tie).

Fisherman’s Rodeo: Overall Winner, Andy BF. Herring Toss: Adult Winners, Michael Wald and Tony Daoust. Youth Winners, Carver Culbeck and Alex Nolan. Life Ring Toss, Andy BF. Survival Suit Race, Dan Schultz. Wobbly Bat Buoy Grab, Carver Culbeck.

Beach Volleyball: 1) The Iditastuds, Joe Parnell, Krista Kielsmeier, Jane Sebens, George Falcon, and Anna Jacobson.

Disc Golf: 1) Alex Daily, 2) Danny Johnston, 3) Jim Lampkins.


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