Police Report


Monday, Aug. 3

A resident reported his vehicle’s license plate had been stolen. The vehicle had been parked at a pullout on Lutak Road.

A caller reported fireworks going off throughout the day in the downtown area.

A person reported a man was skinny-dipping in the surf off Beach Road. Police responded, but the man had left.

An arrest warrant was received for a Montana woman visiting Haines. She was wanted for probation violation. Officers tried to find the woman.

A construction contractor reported that skateboarders went through the cement he’d just poured. He provided a license plate of the truck they were driving, but it didn’t match the vehicle described. Police and troopers were advised. 

A black and red duffle bag containing clothes was found on Front Street.

Sunday, Aug. 2

A caller reported a theft of a purse at the pavilion at the state fair. Police were advised.

A caller sought help contacting a business that was storing fish for him, as he was about to depart on the ferry. Police contacted the business owner.

A parent reported a missing girl. Dispatch notified agencies while police attempted to locate the girl. The parent later called to say that the girl returned home.

A caller reported a theft of a backpack from Tlingit Park.

A caller reported a possible intoxicated driver on Lutak Road. Troopers were notified.

Troopers sought help with a minor collision at the ferry terminal. Police responded.

A person reported an intoxicated male in a vehicle parked on Dalton Street. Police responded and arrested the man for driving while intoxicated and for driving on a revoked license. He was lodged in the Haines jail.

A caller reported a large fire extinguisher was left on the sidewalk near Lookout Park. 

A caller reported hearing fireworks in the area of Fourth Avenue and Union Street. The fireworks stopped about 10 minutes later.

Saturday, Aug. 1

A bar employee called to report a man trying to pick a fight with another male at the bar. Meanwhile, the aggressive patron left the bar. The complainant was advised to contact police if he returned.

A caller reported finding a wallet at the fairgrounds on Friday night.

A fair employee requested police help moving unauthorized vehicles out of handicapped parking spaces. Police responded, and an announcement was made.

A caller reported two young women driving an ATV recklessly and not wearing helmets on FAA Road. Police responded, made contact with the driver and advised them to operate the ATV appropriately.

Friday, July 31

A person reported a heavy flower planter was pushed off the Port Chilkoot Dock onto the beach. The caller stated that “drunks are the likely culprits.” Police are investigating the incident as criminal mischief.

A civil packet was received and served on a Haines resident.

An out-of-town caller requested a welfare check on a woman living in Haines. The woman was later assessed and placed in protective custody.

A caller reported someone entered her home on Young Road without permission and took items. Police were unable to gather further information, as the caller hung up and returned calls went to voicemail.

A caller reported an overturned vehicle on the Haines Highway, near 20 Mile. Troopers responded. No injuries were reported in the single-vehicle crash.

Troopers requested police assistance in monitoring the Haines Highway to ensure a motorcyclist, stopped earlier at 27 Mile going 85 mph, was obeying the speed limit coming into town.

Thursday, July 30

A bear was reported walking on Front Street and knocking over empty cans. Police responded, but the bear had left. Fish and Game and troopers were advised.

Wednesday, July 29

A man reported that a bear broke into his chicken coop on Small Tracts Road during the night, getting one chicken and two turkeys. Police spoke with the complainant and the incident was reported to Fish and Game.

A shuttle bus driver reported a vehicle parked in a shuttle bus parking space on Main Street. The owner of the vehicle was contacted, and he moved his vehicle.

Multiple 911 open line calls were received from a phone that was traced to Saginaw, Texas. There was no emergency, according to the confused owner of the phone, who couldn’t understand why Haines Police were calling her. Police, also puzzled by the apparently misdirected call, contacted the police department in Saginaw to locate the actual caller and assure that there was no emergency.

A caller reported her vehicle disabled on Piedad Road. She said she was moving the vehicle from the area. The caller later reported that, although she left the vehicle in the area a week prior with 10 gallons of gas in the tank, she was now out of gas. Officers were advised of a possible gas theft.

Tuesday, July 28

A caller reported a theft of a purse from a locker at the pool. Police responded and determined the purse was not stolen; it was located in another locker. 

A caller reported constant noise of metal on metal making a grating sound for several days. Others in the Comstock, Allen, and Menaker roads areas also reported hearing it. Oficers were unable to locate a source. Two rock quarries operating in the area did not appear to be the source.

A non-custodial parent from South Dakota reported concerns that his minor children are living in a Haines campground. Police determined the children were safe in Alaska with their custodial parent.

Dispatch received 13 medical calls and seven canine calls.


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