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Police report


Sunday, May 24

A Mathias Avenue resident reported a suspicious vehicle parked near her home. An officer was advised and said the vehicle had already been checked; it was inoperable and had been parked in the location for some time.

A Young Road resident reported a vehicle in the ditch. The caller said it appeared the vehicle’s occupants were intoxicated. An officer responded but couldn’t find the occupants. The person called back to report the vehicle had been moved.

A person reported a drunk man trying to enter an apartment on Main Street. An officer responded but was unable to locate the man.

A person reported a motorist recklessly passing vehicles on the Haines Highway and almost causing a crash. An officer responded and contacted the motorist.

A person reported their 16-year-old child left Alaska against their wishes and the direction of the Office of Children’s Services. The child was located in another state and determined to be safe. The case was referred to OCS.

Saturday, May 23

Troopers reported a vehicle with a broken tie rod couldn’t be moved from Beach Road. Dispatch was unable to contact a towing company. Police set out safety cones and transported the driver to his camp.

A Juneau resident reported cash, credit cards and a vest taken from her bag on Portage Cove beach.

A Second Avenue resident reported noise from the Port Chilkoot campground woke her up. An officer walked through the campground.

A caller reported a man on the ground at a Main Street bar. An officer responded but didn’t find the man.

A Second Avenue resident reported people were throwing firecrackers out the window of a vehicle near the school. An officer checked the area.

Two traffic stops resulted in warnings for speeding.

Friday, May 22

A person reported a bicyclist in the Fort Seward area failed to stop at a stop sign. An officer was advised.

An officer contacted the owner of a motor home parked on Beach Road and asked the owner to move it.

A McPhetres Lane resident reported a theft from their property. An officer was advised.

A caller reported a person drinking alcohol outside of a 0 Mile Haines Highway business. An officer responded and warned the person not to drink alcohol in public.

A person reported juveniles biking dangerously between 25 and 26 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers responded but were unable to locate the cyclists.

A Second Avenue resident reported smelling burning plastic near her home. An officer was advised.

Thursday, May 21

A Beach Road resident reported an RV parked at a pullout for three or four days. An officer notified the RV owner of a parking violation.

Wednesday, May 20

Multiple callers reported a red Subaru speeding on FAA Road. An officer located the driver and warned the driver about speeding.

Police served civil packets on two Haines residents.

A caller reported a vehicle running stop signs and hitting vehicles on Second Avenue and Main Street. The caller didn’t have any license plate information. An officer was advised.

A caller reported a person driving a vehicle whom he believed had a revoked license. Officers and troopers were notified.

Tuesday, May 19

A person reported people camping in Tlingit Park who were not allowed to be there until Thursday night. An officer contacted the campers, who moved.

A Klukwan resident reported a large amount of meat in little bags had been dumped at the pullout near 25 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers were notified. 


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