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Noise study is misguided


I made three phone calls totaling 23 minutes at 2.9 cents / minute = $6.67. I learned that numerous studies have already been conducted to determine the decibel range of many types of helicopters at various distances and altitudes. Or, simply Google “helicopter rotor dB (decibel) levels by type”.

Any illusion that a decibel number will answer the question that the rest of us have already figured out is misguided. Just as different people prefer different genres of music, it’s not simply the volume that induces stress causing the listener to change stations: it’s the character of the sound, e.g., heavy metal vs. classical.

Those, and only those, who will be condemned to endure the endless yet unnecessary assault of helicopter rotor noise in and near their homes should be the ones to decide whether to permit helicopters in their neighborhood.

The $41,293.33 savings can be put to better use to litigate the lawsuit by residents in the proposed impact zone. In fact, save the entire $41,300, you may need it; I’ll spring for the phone calls.

Kip Kermoian


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