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Police Report


Monday, Feb. 8

A motorist reported she pulled out in front of another vehicle on Main Street. She asked if the other driver called dispatch to report the incident that dispatch relay the driver’s phone number so she could apologize.

A person reported two vehicles blocking snowplow access at the Small Boat Harbor. Dispatch tried to contact the owners.

A Deishu Drive resident reported a juvenile entering an apartment in the senior housing building. An officer spoke with the caller and determined no crime had been committed.

A caller reported the snow berm near the intersection of Third Avenue and the Haines Highway was too high to safely see over for oncoming traffic. State road crews were notified.

An out-of-state caller reported he had been threatened via phone by a Haines resident. An officer spoke with the caller and the alleged suspect. No crime was committed.

Traffic stops resulted in a warning for failure to stop at a stop sign and speeding.

Sunday, Feb. 7

A caller reported a plow truck had pulled off the manhole cover near the intersection of FAA Road and Battle Road. Water and sewer personnel were advised.

Saturday, Feb. 6

A 911 caller asked for help dealing with an intoxicated man creating a disturbance at a downtown bar. An officer responded, calmed the man down and took him home.

A woman reported her brother borrowed her vehicle and wouldn’t return it. An officer spoke with the two people and determined it was a civil matter.

A local air freight business asked dispatch to advise a health care business of a perishable package that needed to be picked up.

Friday, Feb. 5

A business owner near the intersection of 1 Mile Haines Highway and Jones Point Road reported a jewelry set worth $125 had been taken during business hours. An officer met with the owner and initiated a theft case.

A Fourth Avenue resident asked police to conduct a welfare check on a man who hadn’t come to work for five days. The person said the man had been buying a lot of alcohol and didn’t appear to have heat in the house. An officer responded and determined no one was home. The officer contacted one of the man’s relatives, who said the man was fine.

A caller asked police to help her son with a behavioral issue. An officer spoke with the caller and offered parenting advice.

Thursday, Feb. 4

A caller reported a vehicle with expired license plates parked near a senior housing complex. An officer was advised. The officer checked the registration and found it was registered through 2016.

A Third Avenue business owner reported a vehicle had been left in his parking lot for four days. He said he gave the driver permission to park it there for one day. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle’s owner. The officer told the man since the car was on private property he could have it towed.

Wednesday, Feb. 3

A Battle Road caller reported someone walking around his yard was making the dogs bark. He didn’t see the person, but saw footprints in the snow. An officer responded but didn’t find anyone in the area. The officer said the prints appeared to be old.

A person reported a vehicle parked on Main Street for several hours. The person called four minutes later to say the vehicle had been moved.

Dispatch received a 911 hang-up call. When the number was dialed back, a school employee answered and said the call was made from a hallway phone near the pool. School staff said they would check to see which students were in the hallway at the time.

A caller reported a vehicle in the Chilkat Center parking lot with its lights flashing for over two hours. An officer responded and found the vehicle, but its lights weren’t flashing. The officer found the vehicle owner, who said the dog might have stepped on the flasher switch.

Tuesday, Feb. 2

A person reported an unlocked door at a business near the intersection of Third Avenue and the Haines Highway. Responsible parties were notified.

A Mud Bay Road resident reported a man claiming to be working for the U.S. Census was asking invasive questions. The caller was advised to make sure she asked for identification. An officer was advised.

Troopers reported three vehicles in the road on Second Avenue. It looked like one vehicle may have slid into another. An officer responded but the vehicles had left.

A caller reported his vehicle had broken down on Front Street. An officer responded and reported it was in the traffic lane. The officer contacted the man and said he had to move the vehicle, which he did.

An anonymous caller reported they were concerned for the safety of a person driving a vehicle with a broken taillight. An officer checked the driver and vehicle information.


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