Police Report


Monday, Jan. 12

A caller reported someone cutting trees on Haines Borough property near FAA Road. An officer responded and found a man felling trees in the area without a permit. The officer ordered the man to stop and get a permit.

Sunday, Jan. 11

Troopers reported Haines Highway was icy from town to 25 Mile.

A caller reported a car parked on Piedad Road. An officer was advised.

Dispatch advised a caller to contact the court regarding a civil matter.

A caller reported being harassed by a Juneau resident via telepathic messages.

Saturday, Jan. 10

A caller living outside Haines asked for help getting information about her father. An officer contacted a sibling of the caller, who said she would contact her sibling to relay the information.

A person brought to the department two bicycles found near the intersection of Third Avenue and the Old Haines Highway.

Friday, Jan. 9

A Mud Bay Road resident called about a problem with loose dogs. An officer responded to speak with area residents about the ongoing issue. He advised the dog owners to keep the dogs indoors and under control.

A woman contacted a police officer after her vehicle slid off the Haines Highway near 4 Mile. The officer helped get her vehicle back on the road.

SEARHC asked dispatch for help contacting on-call personnel.

A 911 caller reported sliding off the roadway near 3 Mile Haines Highway. No injuries were reported. An officer responded and helped contact a tow company. While helping the motorist, the officer heard what appeared to be gunshots. He checked the area but was unable to locate the source of the noise.

Officers helped a driver who slid off the road near 3 Mile Haines Highway. No injuries were reported.

Thursday, Jan. 8

Police spoke with a Haines man about issues he was having and referred him to local counseling services.

Wednesday, Jan. 7

A snowplow driver reported his plow broke down near the airport on the Haines Highway. The driver said he didn’t need help but wanted police to know about the situation.

An officer found a vehicle that had slid off the road and into the ditch near the intersection of Third Avenue and Major Road. Dispatch soon after received a call from the vehicle owner who said the vehicle would be moved shortly. No injuries were reported.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for an inoperable headlight.

Tuesday, Jan. 6

A caller reported hearing a man yelling on Main Street near Second Avenue. An officer responded and contacted another man, who said the man yelling had been upset but had calmed down and had been given a ride home. 


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