No one cares gym is closed Sunday


Adult basketball players asked to use the gym on Sunday and guess what the answer was? If you guessed “no,” then you would have guessed correctly. The community education director said he didn’t have staffing although he wanted to (which I doubt).

I see getting the gym open on Sunday like building the natural gas pipeline. A natural gas pipeline requires years of studies, years of permits, years to get financing and years to build, so that is about 17 years after you start, but you have to start. I started trying to get the gym opened on the weekends about 10 years ago. At this time the school seems to think adults exercising in the gym is a bad thing and should be discouraged, if we go by their actions. And their program of getting us to not exercise so they don’t have to bother with letting us in the gym so the urge to exercise is bred out of us is just about to work. I have to re-educate them.

One might think that with the student population of their school dropping by close to half in the last 5-10 years, they might look for ways to attract people to Haines, as in adults who have kids and pay taxes. You would be thinking wrong. It’s called not gettin’ her done. No one at Haines Schools cares enough to open the gym door on Sunday. No one at the borough even cares.

Joe Parnell


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