When calling for ambulance is not safe


I have lived in many places, most of them very snowy in the winter. I am appalled that this borough would, without a doubt, risk the lives of its residents by not plowing the roads on weekends when it snows. On Saturday, Dec. 28, my daughter passed out at my house. I arrived just in time to see the ambulance almost unable to make it out of the trailer park and then spin out and slide sideways down Fourth Avenue because it could not make it to my driveway, almost hitting the vehicle I was in. We could go nowhere because there was a vehicle behind us! Are we so broke from paying off corrupt cops and spending money on other things besides the safety of the citizens of this community? Even when there is no snow there are front-end-destroying, huge potholes everywhere. How much will it cost the borough if someone dies because the municipality didn’t plow on weekends, making it impossible for medical help to reach people? The weather could care less about what day it is. When it snows, you must plow as you are now jeopardizing the very lives of the people who elected you! Before borough leaders spend $500,000 to revamp 911 maybe they should make sure that the responders can respond to a 911 call. The way it is now, calling 911 on a snowy weekend is not a safe option!

Dean Lari


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