Police Report


Monday, Jan. 6

A caller reported flashing lights on Beach Road which were determined to be a service vehicle.

A caller requested assistance from the rescue kennel to extricate a cat from an engine.  The animal control officer called to advise the cat was out of the engine and safe.

A traffic stop made by troopers resulted in a citation.

Sunday, Jan. 5

A caller reported her vehicle was stuck in a downtown alley.  The vehicle was later moved.

A caller reported icy conditions and vehicles causing hazards in the Port Chilkoot area.  Police responded and observed normal winter driving conditions.

A caller reported icy conditions on Dalton Street. Public works was advised.

An officer reported flooding on FAA Road. Public works was advised.

A 911 call was received and traced. Police responded to the residence and were advised that there was no emergency.

A caller reported an alley by Summer Inn filled with snow that slid off roofs. Police dispatch chose to not contact public works as this was not a thoroughfare.

A caller reported lights were on at a pump house near 1 Mile Haines Highway. Public works was advised.

Saturday, Jan. 4

A caller reported a vehicle stuck in a snow bank on Soap Suds Alley with spinning wheels and stated that he had concerns that the people involved might get hurt. Police responded and the investigation revealed a 27-year-old male had been driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested. Police helped remove the vehicle from the snow bank and the vehicle was released to a friend.

A caller reported a vehicle stuck in the road on Third Avenue that was out of gas. The vehicle was later moved.

A caller reported icy conditions on Soap Suds Alley and Haines Highway. Agencies were advised.

Friday, Jan. 3

A caller sought help retrieving an item from an estranged spouse.

A caller reported a violation of a restraining order. A person was taken into custody.

A caller reported noisy snowmachines near the high school. Police were unable to locate or identify the responsible parties.

A caller reported theft of cash from a local bar. Police initiated a case and interviewed witnesses, and then obtained a search warrant, which was executed by Juneau Police Department officers. The suspect had left Haines, and Juneau officers met the suspect at the ferry terminal. Investigation is ongoing. 

Thursday, Jan. 2

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle with a trailer in a Main Street and Third Avenue parking lot. The caller felt the vehicle and its occupants had no reason to be in that lot and was concerned about the security of snowmachines stored in the lot. The caller was advised to call back if anything else occurred out of the ordinary.

A caller reported extremely icy roads, especially Deishu Drive. 

Warnings were given for two vehicles parked in the path of snow removal on FAA Road near the intersection of Tower Road.

A caller reported a vehicle had hit his truck while it was parked in front of his Front Street residence during the night and that there was evidence at the scene that could identify the suspected vehicle. An officer responded, documented and collected evidence. Shortly after the investigation began, the person responsible for the collision contacted the victim and provided insurance information.

A caller reported that he had been assaulted by a family member at his residence on Small Tracts Road. The caller also stated that the family member was driving under the influence. Police initiated a traffic stop and contacted the driver. Investigation revealed that the person was not drunk. Both parties were interviewed and police were unable to corroborate the statements of the parties involved. The parties agreed not to contact each other.

A caller from out of town reported a violation of a court-ordered child custody order. Police initiated a case for custodial interference.

A traffic stop resulted in a verbal warning for defective taillights.

Wednesday, Jan. 1

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle and pedestrian in St. James trailer court. Police were unable to locate either party.

A cab was requested to be dispatched to the Fogcutter Bar.

A caller reported an extremely slick roadway at 5 mile Haines Highway. State road crews were advised.

A caller reported a fallen tree at 30 Mile Haines Highway blocking one lane. State road crews were advised.

Tuesday, Dec. 31

A state transportation worker reported a vehicle hazardously parked on Haines Highway in the middle of the wrong lane. The vehicle was moved.

A caller reported that driveways in Cathedral View Subdivision were being plowed and snow was being pushed into the road, causing hazards.

An abandoned snowmachine was moved to a safe location and returned to its owner. Several verbal warnings were issued to the responsible party for violations of code relating to snowmachine use in the townsite.

Monday, Dec. 30

A caller reported needing assistance after being evicted from a residence. 

A caller in the area of Young Road reported possible intruders in her home. Police were unable to locate any signs of intruders.

Sunday, Dec. 29

A caller reported a tanker passing a funeral procession on Haines Highway. Troopers were advised.

Saturday, Dec. 28

An intoxicated male sought police help locating a place to stay for the night. The man was referred to the ministerial association, which provided money for a hotel room.

Friday, Dec. 27

A chimney fire was reported on Beach Road. Residents were advised to vacate premises. Fire and police personnel responded.

A motorist complained that a snowplow on Mud Bay and Small Tracts roads almost ran her vehicle off the road because the plow was driving very fast.

Troopers took a male driver into custody after a traffic stop at FAA Road and Mud Bay Road revealed the driver to be intoxicated. The driver was charged.

A traffic stop resulted in a drunken driving arrest.

Thursday, Dec. 26

A borough worker sought police help dealing with a disruptive citizen who was using foul language and accusing the employee of laziness.

A caller reported a driver who was apparently unable to see the road and driving recklessly downtown. The officer is forwarding a report to the Department of Motor Vehicles to start the process of requiring the driver to retake a driving test to retain his license.

A protective order was received and served on a male respondent.

A borough employee sought help contacting a boat owner whose vessel was in danger of sinking in the harbor. 

A caller reported another vehicle had struck the front of hers in a parking space in front of the bank on Main Street, then fled the scene. Police were unable to locate the described vehicle.

A 911 call was received from a male on Small Tracts Road stating he was cold, his fire was out and he was unable to locate his wife.

Police assisted a female who was lying on the ground near a residence on Deishu Drive. The female was escorted to the residence where she was staying.

Wednesday, Dec. 25

A caller reported a family member had confronted them aggressively and advised that they would be filing for a restraining order.

Tuesday, Dec. 24

A protective order was received and served on a male respondent.

Monday, Dec. 23

Police investigated a complaint of criminal mischief involving windows broken out in a Main Street business. Investigation revealed that the damage was caused by snow removal equipment. No charges were filed.

Police assisted a citizen with records regarding a gun purchase.

A protective order was received to be served on a male respondent.

Sunday, Dec. 22

Police responded to a request for a welfare check on an elderly Haines resident. The man was taken into protective custody and later released to the care of a family member.

Friday, Dec. 20

A caller reported a local business was holding their property until a questionable bill was settled. The officer advised the caller it was a civil matter. 

Officers arrested a 19-year-old male on a felony warrant for sexual assault of a minor in the first degree. The man was held at the Haines jail on $50,000 bail.

A caller sought help with a domestic dispute involving a minor. Counseling agencies were advised. 

Thursday, Dec. 19

A highway resident reported a man was walking out of town near 7 Mile Haines Highway carrying a gun. Troopers were advised. 

Wednesday, Dec. 18

A moose was reported hit by a vehicle near 16 Mile Haines Highway. Charity organizations were notified to harvest the moose.

Tuesday, Dec. 17

An anonymous caller reported finding “drug paraphernalia” on the floor of a public restroom. Police collected an item typically used in the process of snorting certain drugs, but were unable to determine the identity of the material on the item.

Dispatch received 30 medical calls and eight canine calls.


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