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Police Report


Monday, May 27

  A caller reported finding a flower pot on the beach near the Port Chilkoot Dock. She called back and reported the pot was used to decorate the dock and she was returning it.

  A caller requested to speak with police regarding an ongoing issue with harbor users.

  Police made contact with an out-of-state driver reported as driving recklessly on Lutak Road. Police found the driver had a suspended license and issued two citations.

Police contacted an elderly driver after a caller reported the woman had nearly hit a motorcyclist and car near Haines Highway and Front Street.

  A caller reported an unauthorized burn on Fourth Avenue. Police responded and the fire was extinguished.

A caller at 34 Mile Haines Highway reported an overflowing culvert. Road crews were advised.

Sunday, May 26

  Dispatch received a report of an assault in progress on Second Avenue. The caller said a man was on the ground being beaten by two other men. Officers arrived and found no signs of the assault nor witnesses.

An officer removed a sleeping patron from a downtown bar.

  An officer advised dispatch that there was a burst pipe on Beach Road. The responsible party fixed the problem.

A citizen reported flower pots dumped out and removed from the Port Chilkoot Dock. The responsible party was advised and police made a report.

An individual reported three men with guns near the woods on Tower Road. Police responded but found no one.

Troopers were notified about a possible broken-down skiff at Letnikof Cove.

Saturday, May 25

An intoxicated man wandered into a residence near 1 Mile Lutak Road. Police responded and gave the man a ride back to town.

  A caller reported a man sitting on a piece of equipment behind a Haines Highway business. The man was gone when an officer arrived.

The owner of a downtown RV park reported two men smoking on private property. When confronted, the two men tried to fight and refused to leave. Officers didn’t locate the men.

A downtown motel employee reported a woman wandered into someone’s motel room and wouldn’t leave. Officers helped her find her room.

An individual reported people shooting off bottle rockets on Main Street. Officers responded and told the people to stop.

Friday, May 24

  A power outage occurred at 1:20 a.m. Several public buildings reported alarm issues due to the outage.

A caller complained about an unprofessional interaction with a postal worker. The postal inspector called and asked permission to open a package he believed contained drugs. The caller was given the official’s supervisor’s name and number and determined the encounter was legitimate.

A Mathias Drive resident reported someone had entered her residence, stolen a can of paint, and left trash on the kitchen floor.

A downtown bar reported a model car from atop a television was stolen from the premises. Police found the suspect, who returned the item.

A caller reported a sign blocking the drivers’ view of oncoming traffic while trying to pull onto the Haines Highway at the post office. Workers in the area were advised.

A caller reported an individual violating conditions of release. Police responded and interviewed the subject.

A caller reported being followed by a brown bear for 30 yards while bicycling on Lutak Road.

A caller reported seeing a vehicle leave the area after hitting a parked van on Main Street. Police responded and found the driver was in violation of an order to use an ignition interlock device.

A caller reported loud music continuing from a house at 2.5 Mile Haines Highway after requesting it be turned down.

Police investigated a report of a fight on Second Avenue, but found it was only an argument.

Thursday, May 23

A citizen alerted police that a steamroller was running on the Haines Highway with no one around. The responsible party was contacted.

A firefighter reported a fully-engulfed building on Blacksmith Road. Firefighters responded and contained the fire.

   A caller reported a vehicle stopping on Lutak Road to dump trash. The perpetrator picked up the trash after being confronted.

   An individual reported an inappropriate item being sold on the community website. The item was a designer drug consisting of crystalline powder. Police are investigating.

  A Beach Road rental homeowner reported the house had been broken into in the last month. Two windows were broken and Satanic graffiti was on the walls. Police initiated a case.

Police received a report a vehicle on Main Street had been vandalized, but the victim later reported the break-in had been a joke perpetrated by friends.

Police were unable to locate a vehicle reported being driven recklessly at Main and Front streets.

Police were unable to locate skateboarders reported in the road at Young and Lutak roads.

Police assisted a family with a domestic issue involving a juvenile.

A caller requested a welfare check on a female whom he felt was a danger to herself. Police found no cause for concern.

A power outage occurred at 9:56 p.m.

Wednesday, May 22

Police took a man into custody for a failure to appear warrant. The man was released on bail.

Fire personnel responded to a report of a punctured bear spray can on Fair Drive. They reported the issue under control.

A bomb-like device was discovered in a downtown area. Police and troopers responded and determined the device was not explosive. Police are investigating.

Tuesday, May 21

A caller reported hearing stomping, moaning and yelling in a downtown apartment complex. Police investigated and found no crime had been committed.

A caller reported a red pick-up driving recklessly on Second Avenue.

A caller reported an attempted suicide near 23 Mile Haines Highway. Ambulance and police responded and took a patient to the clinic.

A caller reported a man lying in the road near the high school. Police contacted the intoxicated man, who had fallen off his bike.

Dispatch received 15 medical calls and six canine calls.



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