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Borough management can't manage


The management of the Haines Borough is finally showing they can’t manage. The budget is in the red, schools are down in count, closing important services. Why? There is not enough work for the middle-class people. Why would people move here for a new school when there is no work? Why does the management keep spending money on new projects when they can’t take good care of the existing problems? Why do they pave roads that aren’t that bad and not the worst ones, like Third Avenue? Why do they discourage new industry, new mining, new resources – because they don’t care because they have high-paying jobs and they don’t look to the future? We are losing our borough to the environmentalists that have been voted in so the out-of-work people better join together and do something about this or the taxes will keep going up and we will keep losing all services.

Jan Merriman


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