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Time for AP&T to deliver better service


Last year, Alaska Power & Telephone’s Bryant Smith promised the community improved Internet service and rates in 2012. “There are currently no obstacles prohibiting AP&T from offering fair rates for speed and usage for our broadband service to best serve the community of Haines and we will continue to serve in that manner. We do expect to make modifications in 2012 to our broadband service tiers and look forward to the possibility of your approval.” It is now February 2013 and no changes have been forthcoming.

Approximately half of AP&T’s Internet customers in Haines are paying $50/$60 month for Internet service (for most folks the maximum they can afford) and are still being held to 256K/512K of Internet speed while at the same time 8 MB of service are being offered to folks for $160/month. Smith suggested those folks at the lower tiers should be happy to be subsidizing those getting the bargain rates at the top tiers. “We believe the glass is half full and the cost of the 8 MB service tier at $160/month is underpriced and a great deal.”

Basic service of less than 1 MB is limiting to educational and communication needs in today’s world, when even new computer help files are all web-based. It’s time for AP&T to stick to their word and alter their rates and service as promised to deliver improved service to those paying at least $50/month for their Internet service. Utility monopolies do not serve a community well. What’s up with making promises you don’t keep, AP&T?

Kathleen Menke


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