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Dog's killer should be ashamed


A dead pet dog and a sweet puppy returning home with an arrow through it moved me to write this letter.

The missing dogs, reported in the news previously, in the same neighborhood (a few months ago) might be presumed to have been shot by an arrow also, like my son’s family dogs. The small dog, Foxy, died this week after being shot with an arrow.

I know for a fact there has been no contact by anyone concerning my son’s dog’s behavior. Letting the family pets out for a morning run should not have ended this way. Yes, there are leash laws, but there is no moral right to execute animals for wandering.

To the person or persons who shot Foxy and Maple with a bow and arrow: You have a disrespect for life and a lack of compassion for the pain and suffering you’ve caused. You are much “lower” than anyone innocently allowing a dog to run. One can tell a man’s character by how he treats animals and pets. You should look at yourself.

Mike Kinison


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