New Dolphins leap into the swim team

The Haines Dolphins Swim Team is starting another exciting season. We have a large number of returning swimmers and a great group of new young Dolphins. It is wonderful to have Jackie St.Clair as the returning head coach, two returning assistant coaches and a new program to bring in high school swimmers as Jr. Coaches. It should be a strong and exciting season.

The incredible support and grant from the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation and the Haines Borough helps the team with a steady 9-month season, providing not only a competitive coaching, but also teaching new swimmers the basics and safety. We also thank the many businesses and individuals that support the Haines Dolphins. Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement to our youth’s growth, fitness, skill, safety, and personal achievements.

Leslie Ross, on behalf of

Haines Dolphins Board and Swim Team

New recycling opportunities

Brita Water Filters can now be recycled! Thank you to Howser’s IGA for making a space available in their entry “cubby” for a box to recycle Brita Water Filters. There is also a box to recycle printer cartridges, copier cartridges, and cell phones. This service is brought to you by Haines Friends of Recycling: promoting recycling and waste reduction in the Chilkat Valley for 20 years.

Melissa Aronson