All I want for Christmas is open gym


December 21, 2017

Dear Santa,

Is there any chance you could come by our little town in Alaska and get the school to open the gym during Christmas break so people can have healthy activities to do? As it is, the school closes for about three weeks. Our only chance to use a gym to shoot a basketball or kick a ball or just run around and play is nixed. I’m not sure why they are so cold-hearted about it; you would think the school would be looking for things that made life better here as 14 of their students are leaving the school system this season and the school needs students to get money to pay for stuff, but apparently not. The truth is, the people who run the school don’t seem to care and want to keep opening the gym for regular people at the absolute minimum so their lives are easier, at least that is how it seems. I mean c’mon, opening the door isn’t that hard, like laying cement or logging. Maybe you could put some Christmasy spirit in the people with the keys.

Thank you, Santa.

Joe Parnell


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