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Support for school board conclusion


August 10, 2017

I write in defense of the Haines Borough School Board’s handling of the termination of Tony Habra as superintendent. Allowing Mr. Habra to submit a resignation letter and to pay him severance was a compromise agreed to by both parties after a series of protracted and difficult meetings. The persons who serve on our school board bring a diversity of viewpoints to their discussions, can be counted on to examine issues from various angles and perspectives, and often disagree. Yet in deciding these two significant issues, they acted unanimously. It appears Mr. Habra, although personally well liked, had not delivered and was not expected in the future to deliver the quality of leadership expected in his position.

Given that, the board’s decisions to allow Mr. Habra to resign rather than to be fired and to pay him severance were understandable and appropriate. The members of the school board are good people who deserve our appreciation for the work they do. They, like our assembly members, take their responsibilities seriously. They put in long hours with little pay and receive scant recognition for their efforts. For the difficult decisions they make and their work on our behalf, I commend and thank Anne Marie Palmieri, Sarah Swinton, Lisa Schwartz, Sara Chapell, Jeanne Kitayama, Inez Gross, and Brian Clay. 

Jean Meaux Ballanco


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