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Perplexed by recall, suspicious of chief


June 15, 2017

I am dumbfounded that anyone in Haines would want to recall assembly members because they asked that the police blotter be reinstated in the Chilkat Valley News. Alaska Statute states that that information is public. There are six exceptions to what can go in the blotter, but making the police department “look silly” – which was police chief Heath Scott’s initial stated reason for withdrawing it – is not one of them.

I am also suspicious of a police chief who soon after his arrival in Haines stopped allowing CVN access to the blotter. Then, despite his repeated insistence that the police department was overworked, found the time to try to incriminate two assembly members who requested that that public record be reinstated. I believe both to be an abuse of his power.

Finally, I wonder why anyone of kind heart and sound mind would want a seat on the assembly – where they essentially work for free – when any resident who is unhappy with the election results can go to great lengths, borough time and expense to try to discredit them.

And, if that isn’t enough – at least this time around – have had to endure the mayor’s rude treatment during public meetings. At its last meeting, Mayor Jan Hill also chose to not only slander the assembly, but also accused it of not representing the community, even though three of those assembly members had earned more votes than she did when they were elected.

Sharon Resnick


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