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Tongass is fastest regenerating forest


Eric Holle must not know that the Tongass National Forest is the fastest naturally regenerating conifer forest in the world. It’s because of its abundant rainfall, long summer daylight and good wind conditions for pollination. So Eric, why do deer migrate to the high and subalpine mountaintops in early summer through late fall? It’s to get out of the dense, shaded old-growth forest! And to feed on vitamin-rich plants and grass to fatten up for another winter in the dark, old-growth forest.

Clearcuts are another good option. Thinning of clearcuts can extend deciduous and grass growth, shorten re-harvest times and allow choice in species selection. “A-frame” logging of critical winter deer habitat ceased in the 1970s and clearcuts were reduced to about 85 acres. Contrast this to Klukwan’s 13,000-acre clearcut on Long Island or Shee Atika’s 22,000-acre clearcut on Admiralty Island. Both without buffer zones or leave strips! Both exportable in tree lengths!

Where is the outrage from the likes of Eric Holle, Gershon Cohen, Margaret Friedenauer, et al? Your silence is deafening!

Dave Werner


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