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Do we need another reason for recall


I hoped assembly members would stop development of our neighborhood “rock quarry,” but like a committee of six that sets out to design a sleek, beautiful thoroughbred racehorse, when finished “compromising” you created a camel! (We did, however, learn our borough had not followed code requirements.)

Now you are considering hiring a new borough manager, which was advertised stating specific candidate qualifications, and it appears you may be preparing to award our community another camel by ignoring specifications to include a person who has been deemed unqualified. Do you really expect some other outcome?

During the past 10 years, close to a million community dollars have been invested in how many managers and interim managers? Six. And none are left. We have virtually nothing to show for that huge investment other than paycheck stubs.

Our manager needs demonstrated management credentials, skills to handle our complex and diverse community, someone with real budget and personnel management experience and interim manager Brad Ryan is the only qualified candidate left!

Now is not the time for payback for support of your personal business ventures nor rewards for supporting local arts. This is a serious position that requires demonstrated management skills!

You are entrusting our manager to administer millions of public dollars each year, deal with borough personnel and us crazy residents. We need someone who will put our community above family at all times!

Do we need another reason for a recall?

Joe Poor


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