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Police Report


Monday, July 28

A caller reported a sign posted on the corner of Third Avenue and Main Street violated election laws. Police told the caller the sign was a Department of Transportation issue.

Two callers reported unattended children stepping into FAA Road. Police took the children back to their parents, who were camping nearby, and told them to exercise better supervision.

A person reported a horse loose on Muncaster Road. The horse owner was advised.

A person reported seeing a police officer wave at the driver of a vehicle who had not used his signal while making a turn on Second Avenue and Main Street. The person discussed the issue with the chief of police. The officer saw the vehicle stop, yield to pedestrians and make a safe turn, but hadn’t noticed the lack of a turn signal. Regarding the waving, the chief said officers try to wave back at residents who wave at them.

Police responded to a report of a vehicle collision on Main Street near Second Avenue. The parties exchanged insurance information. Damage to one vehicle was estimated at $1,000.

 A caller reported someone had dumped a truckload of trash at a pull-out on FAA Road.

A caller reported a man had followed her and her children to the store. Police asked the caller if she wanted to pursue a stalking charge, but she said she just wanted the incident documented.

A caller reported hikers might encounter two bear cubs on Young Road. Wildlife troopers were advised.

A person reported a dead seal on the beach at Picture Point. Wildlife troopers were advised.

A person brought an injured owl found at 18 Mile Haines Highway to the police station. The American Bald Eagle Foundation was advised.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Sunday, July 27

A Mathias Avenue resident reported hearing her vehicle door slam and thought someone was breaking in. Police were advised.

A Cathedral View resident reported someone driving a motor scooter recklessly around the neighborhood. The scooter was last seen headed toward the highway. Police responded but were unable to locate the scooter.

A caller asked for help as their fishing vessel had lost power off Point Augusta. Three adults and one child were on board, and all were wearing life vests. Dispatch advised the U.S. Coast Guard, who contacted the vessel.

A caller reported their bike was stolen from a bike rack near the Small Boat Harbor.

Saturday, July 26

A Third Avenue resident reported her daughter left home without permission. Police contacted the daughter and told the parent where she was.

A man was lodged at the jail on a court order for his detention.

An Old Hart Road resident called to report he had been kicked out of his rental unit and not allowed to retrieve his belongings. Police responded and mediated the situation.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for no taillights on a trailer.

Friday, July 25

A caller asked police to conduct a welfare check on an elderly woman living on Barnett Drive. The caller thought the woman’s phone was off the hook. An officer found the woman was fine and her phone was off the hook.

A caller reported an RV parked in the road near 17 Mile Haines Highway was obstructing traffic. Troopers were advised.

A caller spoke with an officer about whether answering a phone call would be a violation of a protective order.

A caller reported a man prohibited from contacting one of his employees was walking near Front Street. Police responded but were unable to locate the man.

Thursday, July 24

A Chilkat Lake area resident asked for help contacting the Juneau Police Department.

Police conducted a welfare check on a woman camping on Lutak Road. They drove the woman to town so she could access services.

A person reported two bear cubs walking around Picture Point. Wildlife troopers were advised.

A caller reported being assaulted by a friend in a Second Avenue apartment regarding library movies the friend had borrowed. Police responded, interviewed both people and determined the caller had unlawfully entered the apartment. No charges were filed.

A caller reported a man knocking on doors in her Second Avenue apartment complex. She was concerned because the manager hadn’t notified residents of any people coming into the building. Police investigated and found the person was canvassing for political issues.

A person reported a violation of custodial terms. He was referred to the court.

A caller reported a bear on the beach near the Port Chilkoot Dock. Wildlife troopers were advised.          

Wednesday, July 23

A Chilkoot Indian Association subdivision resident reported a man walking toward the school cursing loudly and angrily. The caller was told to call back if the man appeared to be a threat.

A caller reported a man sitting on a bench along Main Street near Third Avenue yelling and cursing at vehicles that were not stopping. Police were unable to locate the man.

Tuesday, July 22

A caller reported her vehicle’s window had been broken while parked near the intersection of First Avenue and Main Street. No thefts were reported. Police said the damage might have been caused by lawn mowing in the area.

A caller reported an unresponsive, intoxicated man lying on the beach near the Port Chilkoot Dock. Police and ambulance crews were dispatched, though there were no apparent medical issues. Police drove the man home.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for speeding.

Police received 11 medical calls and seven canine calls. 


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