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Police Report


Monday, June 2

A person reported a loose horse at the airport. Police responded and found the horse’s owner had secured it.

A person requested police check on a woman living on Deishu Drive. Police spoke with a relative who said the woman was in an emotional state.

A caller reported a theft of cash from his residence the previous night. Police initiated an investigation for burglary and theft. Police wouldn’t release the location of the theft, stating they hadn’t yet contacted the main suspect.

A caller reported someone was pulling up “everyone’s crab pots” near Chilkat State Park. Wildlife troopers were advised. An investigation is ongoing.

A caller reported being victimized by a Craigslist transaction. Dispatch referred the caller to appropriate resources.

A person reported an excessive burn on Fourth Avenue and Union Street. The caller was advised the burn was legal.

A caller reported his crab pots had been stolen from Chilkat Inlet. A wildlife trooper identified the boat in question and was attempting to contact the owner.

A caller said a man had been stalking her for the past two years. Police initiated a case.

Sunday, June 1

A caller reported a dog on FAA Road had been barking every night during the week. Police responded and found an empty residence. Police gave the dog water and it stopped barking. After police were unable to locate owners, they contacted Haines Animal Rescue Kennel.

Police received a request for a welfare check on a juvenile who has been involved in an ongoing series of domestic disputes.

A woman asked for help getting into her locked Fort Seward residence. She later said a relative had been able to help.

A caller reported an “honor jar” containing a small amount of money was stolen from a Front Street RV park. Police initiated a theft case.

A caller reported violation of a protective order in the Porcupine area. Troopers investigated and found no violation.

Police responded to a report of a parking violation on Young Road. The owners were contacted and said they would move the vehicle.

Traffic stops resulted in citations for speeding and failure to carry insurance and warnings for speeding and expired registration.

Saturday, May 31

A person reported a juvenile had plugged an electronic device into an outlet on the outside of the library. An officer responded but the juvenile was gone.

Police received a report of a customer causing a disturbance at a Main Street restaurant. Police responded and contacted the restaurant owner, who said the customer could stay if she didn’t speak with other customers. An officer contacted the disorderly customer, who agreed to leave other customers alone.

A business owner reported an intoxicated man refusing to leave the premises near the intersection of the Haines Highway and Spruce Grove Road. Officers responded and took the man home.

A caller reported a reckless driver on Mud Bay Road had passed her the day before. Officers obtained a description of the vehicle and the next day located a vehicle matching the description speeding down Main Street. An officer issued a citation for speeding.

A person came to the station to report his car window had been broken while parked on Main Street. Police initiated a case for criminal mischief.

A caller reported loud music in the area of Comstock and Sawmill roads. An officer responded but the music wasn’t playing.

A caller reported loud music near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Union Street. An officer responded but found no excessive noise.

A citizen reported seeing a person at the post office who appeared agitated. An officer had seen someone matching the description earlier, but was unable to locate the man.

Friday, May 30

A person asked police to provide her with information regarding bicycle laws and bicycle rights on the road.

A caller reported an electric golf cart parked in the road on Union Street for more than one hour. The cart was disabled and the responsible parties had arranged for it to be towed.

A caller reported a vehicle parked at the Mount Riley trailhead for several days. Police investigated and found hikers had arranged to walk from Mount Riley to Seduction Point.

Thursday, May 29

A caller reported hearing a sound like an explosion near 8 Mile Haines Highway. Police responded but were unable to find the source of the noise.

A caller asked police to perform a welfare check on a family member with a mental illness.

A person reported a controlled burn had gotten out of control in the Letnikof subdivision. Fire crews responded and extinguished the fire.

Officers impounded a vehicle determined to be unsafe to drive after conducting a traffic stop on Sawmill Road.

A caller reported hearing sounds suggesting there might be an intruder in her Fort Seward residence. An officer responded and found no signs of intruders.

Wednesday, May 28

A Cemetery Hill resident asked an officer to help her determine whether a bear was on her property. An officer responded but didn’t find a bear.

A person reported an unauthorized burn on Dalton Street. Fire crews were advised.

A caller reported vulgar graffiti on one of the swings at Tlingit Park. An officer removed the graffiti.

A person reported a four-wheeler had been stolen from her residence in the Battle Road area. The caller found the vehicle shortly after reporting it stolen.

Tuesday, May 27

A caller asked police to be present during an eviction at an apartment building near 1 Mile Haines Highway.

A caller reported garbage flying out of the back of a truck while it was being driven. Police responded and told the people to pick up the garbage or they would be cited for littering.

Dispatch received a protective order to be served on a Haines man.

A person reported a three-wheeler crossing the Haines Highway without checking for traffic. An officer responded but didn’t locate the three-wheeler.

A caller reported cars racing near the fairgrounds. An officer responded but didn’t locate any vehicles in the area.

Dispatch received six medical calls and four canine calls.