If you’ve seen us out covering stories or taking photos that haven’t appeared in these pages, please bear with us. The end of the school year, the start of summer activities and community events that mushroom with arrival of the town’s seasonal population can create more news than we have room for in a week’s paper.

Some stories and photos are delayed. Others grow stale and never see print. Yet other stories we’ll collect notes for but never write up for reasons that might include constraints of space or time, newsworthiness, or additional information that comes to light. Compiling and publishing the news is inherently a subjective venture and we welcome your thoughts about what should be covered, why and how.

On the same topic, I’ve promised CVN staff members that after this week I may take a break from writing about our dinged curbs. Such stories tend to be dry, but they’re important.

Tabloid television would have us believe that news always involves a celebrity, a deranged gunman or a sex scandal. In fact, some of the most important information about our world often is buried in the details of a budget, or in the wording of an obscure law or policy.

Destruction of million-dollar curbs within months of their construction by the very agency that built them may not be considered news by all. But for a town that agonizes over spending $6,500 on a community sauna, I considered it relevant.

More news to come.

- Tom Morphet


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