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Police Report


Monday, May 19

  A caller asked for help locating the owner of a boat and trailer left on the caller’s Chilkat Trail Lane property over the winter. The caller was told the issue was a civil matter as the boat and trailer were located on private property.

     A Deishu Drive resident asked for information on how to deal with a neighbor who wanted property back. The caller was told to contact the court.

     A person came to the station and said someone in another state had used his debit card to buy items from an online store. An officer met with the person and initiated a fraud case.

   A caller reporting a person living in the area near Third Avenue and Deishu Drive was harassing them. An officer responded, met with the parties, and told them not to contact one another.

Sunday, May 18

     A person came to the station and asked for help with a property dispute. The caller was told to contact the court.

   A caller reported ravens in the trash at the harbor. The harbormaster was advised.

     A caller reported their vehicle had broken down on Main Street and would be moved as soon as possible.

    An RV park reported possibly overdue kayakers. Troopers responded.

Saturday, May 17

  A person asked police to perform extra patrols for a crosswalk along Haines Highway as drivers were failing to yield. An officer was advised.

  A caller reported finding a wallet while he was visiting North Pole. The caller was told to turn it in to the North Pole Police Department.

  A Mathias Avenue resident asked for extra patrols.

  A caller reported a vehicle parked on their property off Jones Point Road. Dispatch was unable to locate the vehicle owner and told the property owner they could have the vehicle towed if it was on private property.

  An officer met with individuals interested in filing harassment charges.

  A person turned in a gift card they found.

Friday, May 16

  A caller reported a large plume of smoke at the Port Chilkoot campground. Fire crews responded and the responsible person put out the fire.

    A caller reported their vehicle had broken down on the Haines Highway near Mud Bay Road. An officer responded and moved the vehicle.

     A caller reported a controlled burn had apparently gotten out of control at 2.5 Mile Haines Highway. An officer responded and confirmed the burn was controlled.

  Traffic stops resulted in warnings for studded tires after deadline, illegal U-turn, and broken headlights.

Thursday, May 15

   Dispatch received a warrant for a Haines man for failure to appear. An officer arrested the man and he was released on bail.

   A business turned in a found identification card.

  A 0 Mile Haines Highway business reported people illegally parking in their lot to access an adjacent business. Police responded and the vehicle in question was moved.

   Traffic stops resulted in warnings for speeding and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Wednesday, May 14

   A public works employee reported an abandoned vehicle at the skate park. An officer posted a notice of removal on the vehicle.

    A caller reported receiving a phone call of someone choking. Police investigated and found the phone call was a scam.

     A person reported a rockslide at 9 Mile Haines Highway. State road crews were advised.

   A landlord asked for help gaining access to an apartment to address a water leak. Police responded and helped.

    Two callers reported receiving calls from a person claiming to be a postal worker saying they had a check for the callers. Officers were advised.

Tuesday, May 13      

  A Dalton Street resident reported a small kitchen fire but said they were able to contain it.

     A caller reported losing a bag between First Avenue and the library. They called back and said they found the bag.

      Fire crews reported an illegal campfire at Carr’s Cove.

    A person turned in money found at the intersection of Main Street and Allen Road.

   A traffic stop resulted in a warning for driving without headlights.