March 27, 2014 | Volume 44, Number 12

Police Report

Monday, March 24

    Police cleared fallen rock from 1.5 Mile Lutak Road.

    Police helped a motorist with a dead battery near 3 Mile Lutak Road.

      An out-of-town caller asked police to conduct a welfare check on an elderly man who had not been answering his phone calls. Police said they had been in contact with the man at the Small Boat Harbor and he was fine.

        A caller reported a man at the Small Boat Harbor had reported suspicious incidents that might indicate child abuse. Police told the caller an investigation is ongoing.

    A man reported he was walking his dog in the Chilkoot Estates subdivision when he came across a large brown bear print in the snow. The man wanted the public to be aware.   

Sunday, March 23

      A caller reported the recipient of a protective order may have violated conditions of the order by entering an unauthorized residence. An officer investigated and determined there was not enough evidence to prove the order had been violated.

     A person reported the theft of a cell phone from a boat in the Small Boat Harbor.

Saturday, March 22

   An out-of-town caller asked police to conduct a welfare check on a man who the caller was unable to contact. The man was fine.

   An officer responded to a downtown bar after a caller reported two men were preparing to fight. The men left the bar, and the officer told them they could not be in any establishment that served alcohol for the rest of the night.

Friday, March 21

       A caller asked for a message to be relayed to a man recently released from jail in Juneau who is now living in Haines.

    Police helped Alaska Power and Telephone access the Fish and Game building to do maintenance.

      A caller complained a person had called the taxi and then taken a motel shuttle to the ferry terminal. The caller said the motel shuttle was operating without a license.

     A man reported being a victim of fraud involving anti-virus software. The caller said he had recovered his money but wanted to report the incident. He was advised to contact the FBI.

   A man asked for help contacting the Canada border officials.

  A traffic stop resulted in a warning for a defective taillight.

Thursday, March 20

     A caller reported an altercation with a previous tenant in her apartment on First Avenue and Union Street. She was advised of her options regarding a protective order, but decided to only report the incident.

   A caller reported a car passed him in the school zone on Old Haines Highway and he was planning on making a citizen’s arrest. Police informed the caller about the appropriate procedures for citizen’s arrest. Police were unable to locate the driver.

    A man asked for ministerial assistance for himself and his wife who had been staying at a local motel and had run out of money. Ministerial Services responded to help the couple.

Wednesday, March 19

   An anonymous caller expressed concern a man hadn’t shown up for his booked room at a downtown bed and breakfast. Police were unable to locate the man.

   Police issued a parking citation for a vehicle parked in the handicap zone on Main Street and Second Avenue.

   A Fourth Avenue resident reported being solicited to purchase drugs via email. Police interviewed the caller for further details.

     A medical worker asked police to conduct a welfare check on a Deishu Drive resident the worker was unable to contact after a change in medication. The man was fine.

     A caller reported a rock slide at 9 Mile Haines Highway. State road crews were advised.

   A caller reported a possible drug transaction in the Spruce Grove area. Police documented the man’s observations.

Tuesday, March 18

   Troopers responded to a domestic dispute call at Mosquito Lake.

     Dispatch received 14 medical calls and four canine calls.