March 20, 2014 | Volume 44, Number 11

Police Report

Monday, March 17

   A caller reported a runaway juvenile, who was later located by police and returned to her residence.

     A person reported a suspicious incident that may have involved stolen property. Police would not elaborate, citing an open investigation.

   A woman reported she had live-trapped a cat and wanted to give it to the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel. HARK responded.

   Police received a protective order and served it on a man.

      A caller reported their vehicle had broken down near 1 Mile Haines Highway but was not impeding traffic.

Sunday, March 16

   A caller asked for a welfare check after seeing a “strange person” run through a residence on Young Road. An officer was advised.

    A man reported his vehicle had broken down in the post office parking lot and he would be moving it in the morning.

Saturday, March 15

   A Mathias Avenue resident requested extra patrols due to construction in the area.

   Police served a protective order on a Juneau man.

   An officer responded to a report of a possible drunk driver near 4 Mile Haines Highway. The officer located the vehicle, determined the people weren’t intoxicated, and gave a warning for reckless driving.

A traffic stop resulted in a warning for a broken taillight.

Friday, March 14

     Police received and executed a writ of assistance from the court in a civil matter.

Thursday, March 13

   Police served a package of civil papers.

Wednesday, March 12

    A caller reported a vehicle with intermittent headlights at 15 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers were advised.

  A person reported an unauthorized vehicle parked in a handicap parking zone on Main Street. Police were advised.

The Office of Children’s Services requested a welfare check on a person. Police assisted.

  A caller reported a vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign near Mud Bay Road and Third Avenue. Police issued a warning.

  Police conducted a warrant arrest on a 19-year-old Haines man for second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. He was transported to jail and held on $25,000 bail.

 A caller reported an unauthorized vehicle parked in a handicap parking zone near the intersection of Main Street and Second Avenue. The vehicle left the zone while the caller was on the phone with dispatch.

  A caller reported seeing a person drain car oil and dump it on the ground near the Chilkat River at 7 Mile Haines Highway. Fire crews responded and located a small puddle of oil, which they soaked up with hazmat pads.

  A Mathias Avenue resident reported water lines backing up into her residence. The borough water department was advised.

  A caller reported seeing an intoxicated person near the intersection of Second Avenue and Dalton Street who had the intent to drive. Police were unable to locate the person or vehicle.

Tuesday, March 11

    A caller reported money stolen from a wallet in the pool locker room. Police initiated a case.

  A caller reported receiving numerous hang-up calls from an out-of-state phone number.

   An anonymous caller reported a suspicious person whom she suspected to be driving while intoxicated near Main Street and Third Avenue. The caller unable to provide a license plate number. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

   Dispatch received eight medical calls and two canine calls.