History Day winners


Awards for 2014 National History Day were recently made during a presentation at the Sheldon Museum.

The theme of this year’s contest was “Rights and Responsibilities.”

Student winners included:

Group exhibits: 1) Elena Saunders and Tailer Olsson, Women’s Rights; 2) Gabi Miller and Grace Lambert, Elizabeth Peratrovich; 3) Nicholos Wilde and Hudson Sage, Influence of Missionaries in Early Haines History.

Individual exhibits: 1) Sarah Long, Temple Grandin and Humane Animal Treatment; 2) Baylor Perry, Genghis Khan; 3) Aurora Wilde, Salem Witch Trial.

Group website: 1) Brittney Bradford and Zoe Hamilton, Euthanasia; 2) Makayla Crager and Tulsi Zahnow, Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, 3) Marty Fowler and Dylan Swinton, Alaska Indian Arts.

Individual websites: 1) Corbin Holm, Nobel Peace Prize; 2) Syrena Jackson, Freedom of Religion in School.

Performance: 1) Sheeshao White, Chinese People’s Rights.

The Sheldon Museum coordinated the event.


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