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Police Report


Monday, Feb. 24

        A local agency representative reported a theft of wood, then called back later to say the wood had been paid for.

          A 911 caller reported a vehicle accident near 9 Mile Haines Highway that damaged the guardrail. Troopers responded. There were no injuries.

    A business reported icy road conditions from town to the border. State road crews were advised.

   A caller complaining about snowmachine traffic was referred to the borough website.

Sunday, Feb. 23

    A bartender asked police to help in removing an intoxicated man from a downtown bar. The bartender had cut the man off, and the man became upset and rowdy. By the time an officer responded, the man had left.  

  A person reported being assaulted by a man at a downtown bar. The man allegedly grabbed a pool cue and threatened to kill someone. The investigation is ongoing.

    An emergency protective order was received and served on a Haines man.

      A caller reported their vehicle had broken down at 7 Mile Haines Highway and they were working on getting it moved. Troopers were advised.

   A caller reported a burglary at a Main Street residence. The residence is vacant but has been used to store tools and personal property. Investigation is ongoing.

  A woman reported she and her partner had an argument over personal belongings. Investigation revealed no crime had been committed and the dispute was a civil matter.

  A Mathias Avenue resident requested extra patrols as someone kept knocking on her windows and running away.

Saturday, Feb. 22

  A person came to the police station to report extremely icy road conditions from 26 Mile Haines Highway to town. State road crews were advised.

     A caller reported a loose horse near 1 Mile Haines Highway. The owner was contacted and the horse contained.

    A caller reported an intoxicated man in a jean jacket walking down Third Avenue. An officer responded but the man had left the area.

Friday, Feb. 21

   A caller reported a speeding vehicle on Lutak Road that appeared to have left the roadway. Troopers investigated and found the car parked in a pullout neat 6 Mile Lutak Road. The occupants were waiting for the ferry and were fine.

   A person reported receiving sexually explicit, harassing phone calls from an unknown caller with a blocked number. The caller was advised to have their number changed.

   A caller reported icy road conditions on the Haines Highway near the border. State road crews were advised.

   A person reported a vehicle had slid off the Haines Highway near Main Street. Investigation revealed the female driver had been driving under the influence. She was arrested and released on her own recognizance.           

Thursday, Feb. 20

   A woman reported a man was shooting things near her Mathias Avenue residence around 2 a.m. She said she didn’t want to be interviewed by police.

  A caller reported a vehicle was parking too close to a stop sign on Main Street. The owner was contacted and moved the vehicle.

 A woman reported a snowmachine nearly hit her son while he was walking near the high school track. She said the operator didn’t slow down or acknowledge the incident, and that this is the second time this has happened. Police have no leads or suspects at this time.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

    A caller reported receiving a fraudulent phone call regarding payments to Medicare and suggested a public service announcement be made to warn those who might be targeted.

  A Deishu Drive resident reported the theft of jewelry from his home. Police initiated a case.

   A caller reported a snowmachine speeding on Third Avenue.

    A Small Tracts Road resident reported a family member had damaged his vehicle by striking it with a baseball bat. The person also reported the man had hit him with the bat. Police arrested the man and charged him with fourth-degree criminal mischief.

    A person reported a suspected intoxicated driver. Investigation revealed the driver wasn’t intoxicated.

  A caller reported a vehicle parked at the Mount Ripinsky trailhead late at night. The owners were contacted and were fine.

Tuesday, Feb. 18

    A domestic violence protective order was served on a Haines resident.

    A person reported a vehicle had been damaged by an apparent hit-and-run during the past few weeks. An officer inspected the minor damage and started an investigation.

 An officer initiated an investigation for second-degree sexual assault of a minor.

   A Major Road resident reported a friend was intoxicated and refusing to leave the house. Police responded and persuaded the friend to leave.

  A woman was taken into protective custody after making references to committing suicide.

   Dispatch received 11 medical calls and one canine call.