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Police Report


Monday, Feb. 17

  A 911 caller reported a domestic dispute at a Small Tracts Road residence. Police responded and found a man and woman arguing, but no crime had been committed. The couple was separated for the evening. Alcohol was a factor.

  A woman reported being a victim of identity theft. The woman learned someone had purchased a cell phone in another state using her information, and someone had also tried to apply for a credit card using her information. The investigation was referred to the FBI.

   A caller reported a court order had been violated. Police reviewed the court documents and determined the order hadn’t been violated.

    A person reported a vehicle accident at 21 Mile Haines Highway. Troopers responded and found no one was injured.

     A caller reported violation of a court order and was referred to the court for more information as it was a civil matter.

   Callers reported icy road conditions downtown. Borough road crews were advised.

     A caller reported a vehicle on Piedad Road had a flat tire that would be fixed in the morning.

   A driver reported a single-vehicle rollover at 12 Mile Haines Highway. The vehicle sustained minor damage and there were no injuries. Alcohol was not a factor.

Sunday, Feb. 16

A person reported intruders in a Mud Bay Road residence where she was housesitting for a friend. An officer responded but found no signs of intruders. The caller was escorted back to the residence.

A caller reported a fallen tree blocking both lanes of traffic near 8 Mile Lutak Road. State road crews responded and moved the tree.

A person reported loud yelling and banging in an adjoining room at a downtown motel. Officers responded and issued a warning for disorderly conduct.

A caller reported a broken-down vehicle on Third Avenue. He said he would move the car the following day.

Saturday, Feb. 15

A caller reported a vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant on Soap Suds Alley. An officer responded but the car had been moved.

A driver reported icy road conditions from town to the border. State road crews were advised.

      A caller reported a person had violated conditions of release. An officer reviewed the relevant court documents and found no violation had occurred.

   A person reported he had seen two felons living in another Southeast community, each in possession of a firearm. Police gave the caller contact information for the community’s police department.

   A caller reported icy road conditions on the Haines Highway. State road crews were advised.

     A caller reported a building’s roof had collapsed on Sawmill Road. The responsible person was notified.

   A person asked for police assistance in getting her son back after a court-ordered visitation. Officers responded to help.

   Troopers advised the border was closed due to road conditions.

Friday, Feb. 14

   A caller reported a fully-engaged house fire near 26 Mile Haines Highway. Fire personnel responded but were unable to salvage the building.

     Plow drivers reported a vehicle on Highland Drive was blocking snow removal. The owner was told to move the vehicle.

  Officers issued a written warning for a vehicle blocking snow removal on Main Street.

     A caller asked for police help in a dispute regarding a property line. The call was referred to troopers since the area was outside police jurisdiction.

   A downtown business employee reported a vehicle parked on Main Street impeding snow removal. The vehicle was moved by the owner.

     A caller asked for help with a civil matter and was referred to the court for procedures.

    A man called 911 several times to reported being harassed by telephone. Police determined no crime was committed and the man was referred to the court.

  Officers helped a motorist with a stuck vehicle on Second Avenue.

Thursday, Feb. 13

  State road crews reported multiple cars on Main and Second streets impeding snow removal. Police were advised.

     A person received threatening text messages from a Haines resident. The messages were documented and the person was advised to talk the magistrate about obtaining a protective order.

   A caller reported a hangar at the airport being opened. Police attempted to contact the responsible party.

     A person reported a theft of tires from outside her residence. She called back to say she had located the tires under the snow.

Wednesday, Feb. 12

        A caller reported a man was violating conditions of release. The man was arrested last year and charged with viewing child pornography. He was recently released from Lemon Creek and placed on conditions of release prohibiting him from living with minors or associating with them. The caller said the man is staying at a residence where a child is often present. Investigation continues.

    A business employee reported a verbal altercation with a customer. The customer was angry about a cell phone battery that wasn’t charging correctly. The caller did not ask police to respond but asked the incident be documented.

  A caller reported a family member had been verbally abusive to her. She also said she had information about illegal drug use. An officer was advised.

Tuesday, Feb. 11

  A caller reported firewood theft in the Chilkoot Estates subdivision. Police were advised and will be patrolling the area.

  A woman asked for extra patrols in the Mathias Avenue area. She reported chasing off trespassers and said her fuel usage was unusually high for the month. Police performed security checks throughout the night and will conduct extra patrols in the area.


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