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Car tax points to government overreach


My wife and I were gone for three months, and when we drove off the ferry and approached Haines, I was shocked.

I realize that while I was gone the Haines Borough added another tax to the burdened taxpayers to accept more responsibility for the irresponsible by passing another tax onto our vehicle registration. There are already laws that pertain to the removal of abandoned vehicles. To add insult to this, the borough purchased a $50,000 truck that officials have already said will be used for other purposes in addition to vehicle removal. Does anyone recognize the lack of ethics here? And I hear we can’t use it to tow vehicles at this point. Is this due to liability, lack of training, or no secure storage yard? Clearly not very well thought-out.

To come around the corner and see an abandoned vehicle parked at Picture Point is a clear example of the dysfunction that we have designed in this community. How reckless are we with taxpayers’ money?

Our borough staff is very well paid. Has anybody from this professional staff started civil action against the registered owner of that truck? That is separate from state law and is quite easy to accomplish. Liens against property, wages or the PFD if he is an Alaska resident are all good remedies in addition to the criminal violations.

It is quite clear to many that when government is stretched in so many directions it becomes inefficient. Scale it back!

Jerry Erny