Culbeck pitches for development job


Haines Borough Executive Assistant to the Manager Darsie Culbeck is asking for a change in his job title and responsibilities, including an increased supervisory role over the pool and parks and recreation departments.

According to Culbeck’s draft proposal, his job title would be switched to Community and Economic Development Director.

Culbeck recently submitted a proposal for consideration by the Personnel Committee, which met Monday to discuss the change. The committee decided to hold off on making any changes, choosing to defer the decision to incoming manager David Sosa, who is set to start in April.

Responsibilities listed in the draft proposal that differ from the current job’s description include supervising the pool and parks and recreation departments, performing public relations and community outreach, and assisting in borough land sales.

Committee chair Joanne Waterman described the responsibilities listed in the proposal as duties Culbeck is mostly already performing in an informal capacity.

“What (Culbeck) has given us is what he is actually doing right now, maybe with the influence of a little bit of what he feels he could do. So this is just merely a suggestion,” Waterman said.

Culbeck, who is on vacation for the next two weeks, was not available for comment.

Several committee members, including Debra Schnabel and Dave Berry, expressed hesitance to change a position just as a new manager is coming on board. Berry said he especially would have an “issue” with changing the job title.

In an interview Tuesday, Mayor Stephanie Scott also said she would prefer incoming manager Sosa make decisions about “substantial changes” to employee structure.

“This is the manager’s position and I want to know what the manager wants and what the manager feels he needs in order to manage the borough,” Scott said.

Assembly member George Campbell said he would be “very, very uncomfortable to vote on something like this,” questioning why the pool – which already has a manager – would need a supervisor.  “I see this as becoming another layer of government,” he said.

During the personnel committee meeting, interim manager Julie Cozzi alluded to the fact that the job outlined in the proposal would cost the borough more than the current executive assistant to the manager position. “The thing is, if you signed off on something like this, there is more of a dollar sign,” Cozzi said.

When asked after the meeting if the potential change would lead to an increase in compensation for the position, Cozzi wouldn’t say.

“I am not going to spend any more time on this, including speculation about pay, leave, or whether I support it or not.  All of that is irrelevant at this time.  I’ve simply added it to a folder for the new manager,” she said.


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