December 19, 2013 | Volume 43, Number 50

No overseas calls on phone bill

The Haines Borough School District apparently won’t be billed for as many as 74 hours of long-distance calls overseas to places including Serbia and Austria.

District secretary Ashley Sage said recent billings show only the district’s usual long-distance charges. “The fraud department, or whoever, took care of it. We’re all good, it looks like.”

Local phone utility Alaska Power &Telephone has not said if attempts were made to discover who was making or receiving the calls. As many as 400 calls were discovered by AT&T Global Fraud Management, which notified the school district about them Oct. 31.

AP&T and school officials said the phone system had apparently been compromised through a remote-access option for voice mail, which has since been shut down. AP&T said last month they considered the matter closed.