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Police Report


Monday, Dec. 16

  Police received a report of a theft from a residence that occurred three weeks ago. Police said approximately $1,500 in personal items were stolen, but would not say where the theft took place or what precisely was stolen.

  Police received and served a domestic violence protective order.

    A resident reported items had been stolen from his storage unit in separate incidents that occurred in the summer and within the last two weeks. Police said the location is unknown, as officers have not yet interviewed the complainant. Investigation is ongoing.

     A caller reported icy conditions on Dalton Street. Public Works was advised.

     A caller reported icy conditions at the intersection of Main Street and Second Avenue. State road crews were advised.

Sunday, Dec. 15        

  A caller reported water overflowing from a ditch on Helms Loop Road. Public works crews were advised.

     A person requested that police recommend that motorists drive with their headlights on during periods of reduced visibility due to heavy snow and wind. Police said such an announcement had been made Friday.

     A caller asked for information regarding a post-breakup dispute over personal property. Police provided the information.

       A caller asked for information regarding a protective order. Police referred the caller to the court.

Saturday, Dec. 14

   Police contacted the owners of two vehicles that were stuck on Second Avenue and Main Street and needed to be moved for snow plowing.

   A caller requested sand at the Haines Senior Village. Borough public works crews were advised.

  A caller was referred to the court for a civil matter.

  A person requested sand at the Visitors Center. Public works crews were advised.

      A caller reported a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Haines Highway and Piedad Road. A van sustained substantial damage, but the driver was uninjured aside from a small cut on the knuckle. The other vehicle involved was a borough grader. No citations were issued.

     A caller requested sanding at the Chilkat Center. Public works crews were advised.

    An officer issued three parking citations for impeding snow removal in the downtown area.         

Friday, Dec. 13

  State road crews reported a vehicle impeding snow removal on Second Avenue.

A caller requested a welfare check on a homeless man. Police were unable to locate the man, who has repeatedly assured police he is fine and doesn’t want help. Police said the man is very self-reliant and equipped to handle winter conditions, and has been offered an open-ended invitation to the station if he needs a place to warm up.

  A Mud Bay Road resident reported trouble with a juvenile. When contacted again, the caller said the situation was under control. Troopers were advised.

  A Union Street business reported a snow pile obstructing the view of oncoming traffic. State and borough road crews said neither of them had created the pile and could not remove it as it was on private property.

   A caller reported a vehicle stuck on Piedad Road.

     A caller reported an escalating altercation between a juvenile and a relative in a downtown residence. Police responded and separated the parties. Investigation revealed no crime had occurred.

    A person reported the possible theft of some cash, but called back to say the money had been returned to him and no assistance was needed.

  A caller reported children sledding and snowmachining on Young Road. An officer responded.

   A person reported poor road conditions in the area of FAA Road. An officer responded and cleared the lane.

Thursday, Dec. 12

   A caller reported her vehicle was stuck on FAA Road, but that a friend was coming to help. The caller later reported the vehicle was moved.

  A person reported concerns with an individual her daughter was associating with. Police said no crime was being committed and referred the person to the Office of Children’s Services.

Wednesday, Dec. 11

   A 911 caller reported a truck had slid on the Mud Bay Road hill and had landed in the ditch. Police located the truck near the intersection of Third Avenue and Major Road. Police provided traffic control until the truck was removed.

    A caller reported a school bus and truck partially off the road and impeding traffic on Third Avenue. Police provided traffic control until the vehicles were moved.

  A caller reported very icy conditions at Main Street and Second Avenue. The caller was advised state and borough road crews would wait until the heavy snowfall subsided before sanding.

  A Small Tracts Road resident reported a domestic dispute. Police responded and drove one of the people home. Investigation revealed no crime had been committed.

     A power outage north of Dalton Street was reported. Power was restored in 15 minutes.

  A caller reported a cyclist riding down the middle of Third Avenue. The caller said the cyclist was not wearing reflective clothing and was hard to see. An officer responded but could not find the cyclist.

   An anonymous caller reported an assault had occurred on a third party. Police investigated and found no evidence of an assault.

  A caller reported an intruder had opened the door to a Young Road residence. The caller did not want police to respond, but wanted the incident documented.

  A caller requested a welfare check on a person due to the power outage. Police determined the person was fine and that a friend had gone to the person’s residence to provide care until power was restored.

  A caller reported a person with oxygen assistance would be having a problem if the power continued to be out for much longer. The fire chief was advised.

       A person requested a welfare check on a relative who was not answering the phone. Police located the person at a Small Tracts Road residence and determined he was fine.

Tuesday, Dec. 10

      A caller reported an intoxicated female was shooting a gun in a trailer court. Police contacted the woman and removed all weapons from the residence. No charges were filed.

  A caller in Mosquito Lake reported a toxic smell, possibly related to the production of controlled substances. Troopers were advised.

  A person reported a board with nails in the middle of Third Avenue. Police were unable to locate the board.

    A caller reported a suspicious vehicle backed up to the weather station at the airport. Police investigated and found the truck belonged to the National Weather Service.

   Dispatch received eight medical calls and seven canine calls.